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Walton Blender WBL-VK01 Prioe and Reviews
2019-07-07 Views: 1712

Walton Blender WBL-VK01 Prioe and Reviews

Blender is one of the most wanted kitchen appliance in nowadays.Cooking arrangement is lengthier than cooking. To save time now we become dependents on various type of home appliance. For fast mixing, chopping or dust blender is first choice and its most used.Walton brought to you a new version of blender. Which is fastest and advantageous.
Walton always provides you different type of home appliance according your need.  They have more many products   for your service, Walton Blender WBL-VK01 is one of theme. Walton has several types of blender. The specialty is this blender is multifunctional, better performance but less price then foreign brand. Each and every function is daily necessity for your kitchen. Different types of fruit drink like-Green mangoes, milk shake etc. or lassi, borhani.Red chili dust or coriander dust etc. Onion, garlic, ginger paste or green chili paste are perfectly prepared by blender in a little time. 
Structure-Walton Blender  WBL-VK01  is attractive stainless steel body blender. It has three functions. 1. Blender jar-1.5 litter, 2.Grinder jar-1 litter, 3. Chutney or grater jar-200-250 ml. Blender jar will help you to mixing, make drink, juice etc.  There have air tide small size two  jar named grinder and chutney or grater jar. To make spice dust use grinder jar.Whit out using onion, ginger, garlic or green chili  paste our cooking is incomplete. This hard task you may do with in a minute by using grater. When you need to chop some cooking or dish preparing element then use it. All this options will save your valuable time with great efficiency.
Features-Full structure of Walton Blender  WBL-VK01 is made by stainless steel. Non-slip feet and have a grip, that’s why you may stand it anywhere. Sky color handle attached with  jar, which make your comfort for use. There including a small pocket type air tight cap top on the transparent plastic cap. You can use it to add any ingredient during the running time.  If you need anytime this system is for that time. It has safety jar locking system. It you are not lock the main cap properly, blender will not start up. It’s for your safety. There is multiple speed control to control its speed in three steps. Controlling regulator nob attached with base of blender. Including SS(Stainless Steel) bleed to ensure 100%   performance and also safety for health.  In former structure of blender used rust free and hygienic self-lubricating bronze bush to keep your motor more active. To prevent leakage from joint used silicon gasket.
Electrical features- Walton Blender  WBL-VK01 use 18000-21000 rpm efficient copper motor, view to active your blender with 100% performance. There is also including over heat protection and effective cooling system. That’s if heat produce during the running time it will not harmful for you. And also ensure long lifetime of blender. It needs 650 watt to run. 
Other features-Full Walton Blender  WBL-VK01 is made of strong food grade stainless steel. Bleeds are also  made of stainless steel. This is not only durable but also healthy. Detachable jar and bleed for easy cleansing. One of the best features is low-noise. During the running time of a blender a noise produces, sometime it become louder. In this WaltonBlender  WBL-VK01your experience will be change. With very fast and accurate task this multi-functional blender will encourage you to prepare food for your family or loving one.
Walton Blender  WBL-VK01 is one of the perfect choice for any cooking lovers. You may buy it from any Walton home appliance show room. Price of this product is 3990.00 Taka.
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