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Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 Price and Review
2020-11-19 Views: 48

Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 Price and Review

To make easy and hazard free washing clothes use of washing machine is incredible. Be careful about quality of washing machine that it can’t make your headache. Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 is a model of washing machine of Walton group.

Structure- Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 is mainly top load washing machine. Light silver in color and top is black. Top load window is made by ABS material and tempered glass. From outside to inside you can watch clearly. Digital clock and LED display is used on control panel. 6 buttons and 6 programs are used in control panel. Its controlling system is computerized and easy to use. World class technology and materials are used in this model. Cabinet materials are PCM. Internal tub is made by stainless steel that is rust free and strong.

Electrical features- Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 is active on 220 volt and 50 Hz. For washing cloths and spin this model consume 340 watt. Its motor is made by aluminum and efficiency is 150 watt. Rotation of this motor is 740 rpm.

Technology- You can wash inner tub before washing clothes. Select water level and washing function then press start button and it will run. Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 creates very few noises. Put detergent in certain box. If you are willing to start delay wash then set your time and select delay option. Fuzzy logic is for directly washing function. This model also has soak, resin, auto clean, spin and dry tub option.

Mechanical features- Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 can stand bravely on surface without any support because of adjustable foot. To safe from insects or rate has rat mash. If you have made any mistake to operate this model then it will give you auto signal.

Price and market- Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 is available to your nearest Walton show room and Walton online store. Price of this model is 22,000 Taka.   

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