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Vision Selling Fan Royal price and review
2020-08-16 Views: 282

Vision Selling Fan Royal price and review

Almost 70% people of our country are depends on selling fan on this acute summer. A good qualities selling fan provides service for long time in affordable price. It can active in low voltage. Vision Selling Fan Royal- is a model of Vision group. Details of this model are given below-
Outlook- Color of fans or blades is off-white in colors. Motor and cover cup is decorated in ornamentally golden colors. Generally we are found of attractive or ornamental type furniture to store in living or guest room. This model is designed by just according our appetite that is very wishfully usable at our quest or private room.   
Special features- In this motor used 99.9% copper wire. In electronic appliance copper wire is very effective for service and gives longer lasting durability. Copper wire reduced accidental occurrence. Outer cover is electric silicon sheet. It is rust free and brightens till last. Also current isolated. This model doesn’t create noise because of high precisions chrome steel ball bearings. Its aerodynamic blades allow high velocity and maximum air spreads all over the rooms. You can control the speed of fan by using regulator. Safety wire connected with this for preventing any unwanted accident. The arrangement of this fan is properly usable for a round year tension free. Also you are eligible to get beck your promising money if this model makes you unsatisfied in conditional.  
Electrical features- This model is perfectly suitable for single phase home line of 220 volt. Vision Selling Fan Royal delivers heavy energetic air without any extra electric cost. Rather it is less power consuming product.  
Price and market- Vision Selling Fan Royal is very easy and affordable. This is available to your nearest electric home appliance show-room or Vision Emporium of your city. Price of Vision Selling Fan Royal is 3250.00 Taka.

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