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SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC Price and Review
2020-11-28 Views: 92

SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC Price and Review

Use of rice cooker is nowadays so common for rice, hotchpotch or fried rice making. Approximately 80% people of our country are familiar with rice cooker. Cooking rice within minimum time, without hazards use of rice cooker become popular. Singer brands brought a easy and beautiful model of rice cooker SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC for your service.

Capacity- Capacity of SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC is 2.2 litters. This cooker can cook 8-10 people’s meal at a time. It consumes 900 watt power in cooking time. You can use rice cooker for rice or any rice making dish and also desert items by milk can be prepare by using rice cooker.
Structure and outlook- In front part light colors flower printed. White and purple colors combination full body is elegant to look at. Full body of SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC is made by stainless steel. Lid is made by plastic and gasket attached. For being gasket inner pot and heat both are consist inside properly. During cooking rice a little bit rice water comes out from pot to outside by the included small ventilation way. When you will open the lid this water goes automatically in side pocket case. Inner pot is made by two layer coating non-stick pot. For measuring rice and water a measuring cup and a rice scoop is free with rice cooker.
Control- In front part SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC has controlling switch. Two lights are included two sides of switch. Put inner pot with rice and right amount of water inside of cooker, put the connection and on the switch. Right side switch will lighten to give cooking signal. After finished cook switch will automatically turn off and left light will be enlighten. Its power limitation is 220 volt and 50 Hz. For power connection a strong power cord is given with cooker.

Price and show-room- SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC is available to your nearest SINGER show room. Price of this model is 2000 Taka.

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