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Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL price and reviews
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Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL price and reviews

World renowned brand Sharp is presenting smart refrigerator Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL. This model is an invert refrigerator.Ash color durable structure; strong hinge will take your attention. Update technology used to be better in service for family or user.
Structure- Total capacity of Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL is 287 liters. In cft calculation it is 12 cft. Top is freezer part with 97 gross capacities. And bottom part is refrigerator. Gross refrigerator capacity is 217. It is a spacious model cans storage enough amount of food. Strong bar handle hinge is fashionable and secure.   Dimension is (W*H*D ) mm-( 610*1,657*669). To install this model in your home or area select an open corner.
  • J-tech inverter- Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL J-TECH inverter  uses a controlled compressor rotation that has a low-speed 36 step operation in accordance with the usage of the refrigerator. This helps to maintain a more consistent temperature with less vibration and keeps noise to a minimum level compared to a conventional refrigerator. Wear and tear on the compressor is reduced for greater durability.
  • Ag+ Nano Deodorizer-Sharp SJ-EX345E-SLin-built nano deodorizer contains nano-sized molecules, designed to trap the larger odor molecules to eliminate unpleasant smell as well as maintain the integrity of food smells.
  • Fresh case- to store eggs, bottle, fruits or green vegetable fresh case included in internal design of Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL. Help to arranged your food item according there manner.
  • Tempered glass shelf- High quality interior design enriched by tempered glass of Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL. To keep your grocery, cooked food, or frozen item adjustable with weight tempered glass shelf are available. An example of the weight of an average refrigerator item would be a gallon container. It weighs 8 pounds, and a full width shelf can hold 6 of them. A quart container weighs 2 pounds, and a full width shelf can hold 24. The door shelves have no specific limitations.
  • LED lighting- Tastefully illuminated with highly sophisticated LED lighting which truly define both interior and exterior of the refrigerator.
  • Fan cooling system- Cooling fan expose the internal warm air. An evaporator fan draws air from the refrigerator and blows it over the evaporator coils.
Cooling features:Climate type of Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL is N~ST. Suitable for all type of weather. Condenser and capillary pipe both are copper. There is R600a refrigerant gas are used in this model. 100% copper condenser will make sure of smooth air flow at both the cavity. Ensure the food value with less energy. Due to have green technology we are safe from harmful CFC and HCFC gas. Totally eco-friendly arrangement for healthy and cure life. So, perfectly take care of your family and environment.
Power source-Sharp SJ-EX345E-SLwill be active in 220 volt 50 Hz. This model is highly active with less energy, so that, end of the month you will not hazard with extra current bill. It can storage food as its ability for long time. For smart technology it can keep food fresh with real test and aroma.
SHARP is one of the famous home appliance brands. Their product service is always better then another renowned brand in market. Product price is also quiet high. You will get SHARPproduct in any big electronics home appliance show-room in your nearest. Price of  Sharp SJ-EX345E-SL is Taka 70900.00.

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