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Sharp Inverter Microwave Oven R-380V-S price and review
2019-11-30 Views: 523

Sharp Inverter Microwave Oven R-380V-S price and review

Reheat fade real test of cooking food. But, job holders have no enough time to cook every day. At a time cooks more food is only solution for them. If they are habituated to use micro-wave oven, then they don’t have to sacrifice their test of food. Micro-wave oven heated from core of food as like as just take from cooking pan. There is another advantage for food lovers, who are loved to eat fast food like cake, pizza or bun.

In market you will found more many expensive branded micro-wave ovens. Maximum time good ovens are expensive. Sharp brought an exception model in market. Sharp micro-wave oven R-380V-S is a good quality oven in cheap rate.

Features of this model-
Capacity: It is not just an heating oven or small in size. It is a 33 litters capacity service full micro wave oven.
1200 watt micro wave-oven: this model consume 1200 watt in running time. To use comfortably you need to prepare a several switch board with highly protective cable.
10 power levels: this model have 10 power levels, that will control by you and you can set time and temperature as your need. There is pre-heat option is also available.
35 minutes cooking time: micro-wave oven can cooks in minimum time, but it must depends on cooking item. Minimum cooking time of this model is 35 minutes.
Defrost: By using this option you can heat directly frozen items from deep freeze. To use it you have to set options from menu according weight of food.
Outlook: Mirror glass door- its glass door is looks like mirror. Glass doors of another oven are transparent, shows inside view. This model is exceptional from them. Door is mirror type shows your reflection.
Color: It’s color is bright silver.

Handling system: It has manually handle bar.  
Control panel type- For operating has controlling knob. Two knobs are exists.
LED display- There is a LED display to inform you its cooking time information.

Value and availability
Sharp micro-wave oven R-380V-S is available in any renowned home appliance show-room near by you. Its price is 17,000 taka.

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