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Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S
2019-10-22 Views: 627

Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S

Sharp presents 5-door refrigerator model. View to full-fill huge demand of join family, large commercial space, mega kitchen, Aristocratic restaurant etc.It’s a time demanding model. Now days we always wants morefunctions or multi-purpose technology in one appliance. Many options in one refrigerator solution is ours priority. Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S is just like that type of refrigerators.
Pros of this model are given below-
  • J-tech inverter technology
  • Plasmaculuter ion technology
  • Actifresh hybrid cooling technology
  • Flexi room
  • Touch control door panel
  • 9-way flexible shelf
  • Auto ice maker
Let’s have details look about Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S.
Dimension-Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S has large dimension. It’s (Width*Hight *Depth)-(908*1850*796) mm. A giant sized glossy black color refrigerator model. To keep this refrigerator need a wide space. Total freezer capacity-728 liters. In cft it is 35. Upper freezer capacity is 208 liter. Refrigerator capacity is 504 liter. Glass dooris protect its outside from heat, weathers damage effect etc.
  • J-tech inverter- Sharp’s J-TECH Inverter uses a controlled compressor rotation that has a low-speed 36 step operation in accordance with the usage of the refrigerator. This helps to maintain a more consistent temperature with less vibration and keeps noise to a minimum level compared to a conventional refrigerator.Wear and tear on the compressor is reduced for greater durability.
  • Plasmacluster Ion System- Plasmacluster technology generates the same positive and negative ions found in nature to purity air inside the refrigerator.
  • Actifresh Hybrid Cooling Technology- This frost-free cooling system absorbs moisture from the air when refrigerator door is open then circulates the collected moisture throughout the interior.
  • Touch-Control Door Panel-Thetouch control panel indicates condition inside the refrigerator and lights up whenever a refrigerator door is opened. Power- Saving Mode, Plasmacluster operation and Automatic Ice maker selections can all be controlled the panel.
  • 9-way flexible shelf-From mini soft drink can to jumbo 2-litre bottles, rock melons to watermelons, single serve ice-cream to family-sized tubs.9-way flexible shelf will help you to your food according your test and need.
  • Automatic Ice-maker-The Ice maker system automatically forms ice cubes after the water tank has been filled.
  • LED lighting- Tastefully illuminated with highly sophisticated LED lighting which truly define both interior and exterior of the refrigerator.
  • Ag+ Nano Deodorizer-Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660 Sin-built nano deodorizer contains nano-sized molecules, designed to trap the larger odor molecules to eliminate unpleasant smell as well as maintain the integrity of food smells.
Power source- Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S will be active in 220 volt 50 Hz. This model is highly active with less energy, so that, end of the month you will not hazard with extra current bill. It can storage food as its ability for long time. For smart technology it can keep food fresh with real test and aroma
SHARP is one of the famous home appliance brand. Their product service is always better then another renowned brand in market. Product price is also quiet high. You will get SHARP product in any big electronics home appliance show-room in your nearest. Price of Sharp 5-door refrigerator SJ-FX660S is 3,79,900.00 Taka.

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