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ইকো+ মাইক্রো-ওয়েভ ওভেন MS720CRU মূল্য ও রিভিউ
2020-10-27 Views: 223

ইকো+ মাইক্রো-ওয়েভ ওভেন MS720CRU মূল্য ও রিভিউ

By the need of time micro wave oven become now a family member of our family. That member made alluring food for you quickly. Frozen food makes immediately hot and tasty like just took from cook. Frizzy food can contain corona or another cold influenced virus and bacteria. So, after frizz up food take to oven, warm it before eat that saves you from germ.   

Eco+ micro wave oven MS720CRU is an oven of very reasonable price from eco brand. Its small in shape and useful for family. Features of oven are given below-   

Structure- Eco+ micro wave oven MS720CRU is a solo type oven. Color of this model is snow white and a handle is attached with lid. A regulating knob is consisting in controlling panel right side of the oven. Two knobs exists one for temperature and another for menu setting. Inside has a turntable size. This plate moving around during operation and distribute heat from inside to outside of the food. This turntable is made by glass. Inside the oven has halogen light for clear view. This halogen light also indicates the active connecting power of oven.
Area- Dimension of Eco+ micro wave oven MS720CRU is (width*length*heights)- 439.5*347.5*285.2 mm. Turntable plate is 255 mm in size. Front of lid is glass and color of glass is little bit grey type.

General features- Kitchen timer has in Eco+ micro wave oven MS720CRU. During cooking time you can set the probably time and go on for another task. After finished cook it will turn off automatically and gives signal. Has multi type cooking option. Also has defrosted option, this makes frozen food warm and soft quickly. After finished any cooking task it gives signal automatically.

Electric Features- Eco+ micro wave oven MS720CRU needs 230 volt and 50 Hz electric power supply to operate. Its output power is 700 watt. When you are using oven must use a separate switch bored made by durable wire and accessories.

Price and Show-room- To get Eco+ micro wave oven MS720CRU contact to your nearest LG, Butter fly show-room. It is very reasonable in price. Its price is 6255 Taka only.
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