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Miyako Room Heater Tower price reviews
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Miyako Room Heater Tower price reviews

Miyako Room Heater Tower During the season of winter along with pleasant weather to enjoy cold make the time hard to pass specially for the senior citizen and children. To make the room warm room heater could be an effective appliance. Room heater has power to make your room temperature comfortable to live during chilly winter.
There are several appliances brand are available in the market and they are offering futuristic featuring model of room heater with elegant outlook. That is not only keeping your room temperature at perfect level to live at chilly winter but also increase the beauty of your place.
Miyako has launched new model of Miyako Room Heater Tower heater. This is a tower shape silver color model of room heater with net well at the front site to make the appliance safe to use. This light weight sophisticated model can be easily moved from one place to another without any hassle.
Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.
-          This is a tower shape model of room heater with sophisticated design to keep at the room or office cabin. This will cover your room to make the place warm enough to stay comfortably.
-          Not only at winter season but also you can also use this model at summer to as normal fan.
-          Along with over heat protection 70 degree oscillation system is given that will cover your room area and give you warm feelings during chilly winter.
-          Adjustable thermostat set the room heat according to the requirement of the user.
-          Strong and durable safety PTC ceramic has used to make the appliance safer to use.
-          This is a tower shape model of room heater but due to have no handle bar difficult to move this model from one place to another.
-          Compare to other model of room heater price of this model is in the higher site.
Design and dimension
Miyako Room Heater Tower is a ordinary model with glossy outlook. At the front of the design stainless still net protector is given to keep the user safe. Along with strong base to keep the heater solid on the table or bed side control panel is also given at the top of the heater to make the change of the heat according to the requirement. This light weight model of room heater can be easily move from one place to another without any hassle.
Available features
This model is made of futuristic features. That has made heater more comfortable to use and provide better service.
Four in one: this is a four in one model of room heater that can be use any season of the year. During winter it will adjust the temperature up to your requirement as well as on the other time of the season can be use as normal fan.
Overheat protection: electric heater can generate heat within short time. Therefore, it is very important to make sure about safety of the user. This over heat protection machine went to shutdown mood automatically if heat goes up.
High Thermal Efficiency: This feature does make the adjustment of the room temperature according to the requirement and make the place comfort to live.
70 degree oscillation system: Due to have atomically oscillation system. This modern featuring model of room heater can cover all the corner of the room. So you can feel the heat from any part of the room easily.
Safety PTC Ceramic Heating Elements: internal heating function of the heater is made of PTC ceramic. This heating element is not only keeping the heater warmer for longer time but also make the elements safe to use.
Adjustable thermos:  This is a system that makes the adjustment of the temperature according to the room temperature. If the temperature reaches the desire level then automatically went to the shout down mood or maintains the level of warm.
Easy control panel: easy operating futuristic featuring control panel is given to make the adjustment of the temperature and time. One will help to set the running time and other one will be use for making to set the desire temperature. There are two levels of heating 850 watts and 1500 watts are available. You can make use any of them according to your requirement.
Time setting options: one to up to eight hours time is given. You can set any of the time among them. Heater will run easily and make your place warm. Machine will automatically went to the shut down mood after reaching that time. So at the time of sleep you can remain tension free in terms of using room heater.
Electrical features 
Room heater basically depends on electrical function. There are two level of heating option is available two select. One is 850 Watts and another is 1500 Watts. You can run this model with normal voltage of 220V to 230V. Electricity bill well be come according to the level of use.
Price and availability
No doubt demand of room heater increased rapidly during the season of winter but Miyako has good enough dealer to make the product available at chilly winter. So you could easily get this model at the time of winter season easily within affordable price at your nearest home and kitchen appliances showrooms. Price of Miyako Room Heater Tower is TK 4999 (collected at 14/11/2017).
This wonderful model of room heater has been decorated with futuristic features. It will keep you warm during chilly winter time as well as give you an extra ordinary outlook at your room and office.


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