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Marcel Direct Cool Refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX price and Reviews
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Marcel Direct Cool Refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX price and Reviews

Marcel direct cool refrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XX is a single door refrigerator models.It is a refrigerator and frizzier combination models with one door. This refrigerator is comfortable to regular use for 2/3 person.
Structure- Length*width*Height of Marcel is a direct cool refrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XXis 1230*538*600 mm. Its net weight is 50 kg. Its capacity is 175 litters. It has one handle. A lock is exists just below the handle. Four grip foots is consist under the refrigerator to stand with strength on surface. Its color is gray.
Electric features -Climate type of Marcel direct cool refrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XXis T. This model is usable for tropical T. This model is usable for tropical area. Its temperature limits is +16 to +43°C. Its rated voltage is 220-240 volt, 50 Hz frequency current flow. Marcel direct cool refrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XXconsume during active 72 watts. Its compressor is RSCR.
General features: Marcel direct cool refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX is a manual controlling machine. User itself needs to clean the place. This model use refrigerant R600a with MS type condenser.  Due to have capillary ayear copper, it can create cool with the refrigerator in short times.  This is a thermostat certified ROHS. This direct cool refrigerator has used cliclo paint poliew renath flom blowing agent. This model is 100% free from harmful CFC and HCFC.
Refrigerator compartment: Marcel direct cool refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX has three glass shelf. Its wide door allows you to store 5 water bottles at a time. A interior lap is given to get clear view of the inside of the bottles. Besides, it has 17 liters capacity base vegetable storage that keeps vegetable fresh for longer time. moreover, you can keep your medicine safely at your refrigerator. Unlike other refrigerator model you can easily keep 2.25 liters storage bottles. But there are no candid sponsors and deaudo rizer is available. Temperature of this compartment always remains 0 degree to 15 degree.    
Freezer compartment: Marcel direct cool refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX temperature always remain within – 18 degree. Double layer freezer door is available. It does flow consistent base cool air flow all times. This features allow you to keep food without any tension but no light is available at this part.
100% copper condenser : 100% copper condenser has been used in Marcel direct cool refrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XX. In refrigeration system copper condenser used that lasting for 20-25 years. So that copper tubes can perform leakage free performance.
Magical Nano: Marcel direct cool refrigerator MFA-A9C-ELEX-XX has used nano silver technology to make outer body part of the structure. Flowing jam get tired up when it comes to the close of nano technology. its killed the jam and keep your food safe and healthy. It cannot enter at the freeze to destroy your food.   
Price and showroom:  Marcel Direct Cool RefrigeratorMFA-A9C-ELEX-XXis available at any Marcel show room of our country. You can parch from online from any corner of country. For online parches visit- marcelbd.com. Price of Marcel Direct Cool Refrigerator  MFA-A9C-ELEX-XXis 23,150.00 Taka.
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