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Jamuna Microwave Oven P90D23EPIIIK(23LW) Price and Reviews
2021-10-24 Views: 82

Jamuna Microwave Oven P90D23EPIIIK(23LW) Price and Reviews

Oven is one of the important appliance to make cake, cookies, pie or bun at home. With the help of oven you can easily make your afternoon snakes. Jamuna microwave ovan   P90D23EPIIIK(23LW ) is a effective oven within affordable price.
Structure: Jamuna manufacturing oven’s structure is different from others. This model is made of light glass and has layer at inside. To make this model more attractive a red color border is given. Four flowers is given that has increased the beauty of this model. At the right side of the structure a control panel is given to adjust the oven setting according to the requirement. unlike others model Edge of the structure is round shape that attract the attention of the views.  
Features: Jamuna oven consume total 1400 watt of electricity. At the inside of the cavity a turn table is given to heat the food. Unity form of cooking function spread heat equally that cook food properly. Smart cooking menu is given that will help you to cook your favorite food easily without effecting the test and aroma of your food. Besides, with the help of manual system you could easily set the heating function according to your requirement. In addition, grill power option is also available. therefore, you can make grill  easily. Total cooking capacity of this model is 23 liters.
Advantages of using oven : A simple question can heat at your head, what is the necessity of using oven? Day by day demand of fast food is increasing rapidly. But a question always comes into the mind, is it safe to eat ? so if you can, it is better to cook food at home and an oven is the best tools to do so. Besides this is regular using appliance to warm up the food within very short time. Moreover, if you talk about food test, compare to regular burner oven provide better service without hampering the test of the dish. after considering all the facts jamuna microwave oven is a good appliance.  
Price and showrooms: You can easily have this model at your nearest appliance showrooms within affordable price. Price of Jamuna Microwave Oven is Tk. 11,400.
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