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Havells Induction Cooker GOCICBLK16051 price and reviews
2019-11-30 Views: 431

Havells Induction Cooker GOCICBLK16051 price and reviews

Havells Induction Cooker GOCICBLK16051 is silver color book shape model made of copper coil and decorated with plastic body farm. There are two parts of cooker one is heating zone and another one is control panel zone. This plug and play functioning cooker can be easily operated by any user easily. This is a light weight portable model of cooker. So you can easily move this model from one place to another.
Some of the basic features of this model are describe below.
Cooking function: this model has been decorated with 6 different mode of cooking function.  Basically this mode is depending on use of cooking pot. This smart cooking appliance has function to adjust the heat according to the cooking type automatically.
Control panel: control panel is decorated with 8 functions. Among them 6 button to set the cooking menu and rest of the two button work as a power control button.  To get clear idea about power setting at top of the control panel LED display is given that highlight the power heat. To increase the power you have to press + button and to make adjustment you can use button.
Auto pan deduction: This is an effective mode to identify the power heating zone of a pot. It does generate heat according to the pan spot. As a result it can focus right area of cooking pot. Due to use of right amount of power energy at right place, electricity bill remain within limit at the end of the month.
Timer function: along with setting power function you can also set time of cooking at your cooking panel.
Auto power off: This sensor work as a safety features. Power remains up to the cooking time and automatically goes to shut down mood. So no matter you are watching television or busy with other works. Your dish will be ready in time and power will be went to shut down mood.
Havells Induction Cooker GOCICBLK16051 can be easily found at your nearest appliances showroom. Price of this smart appliance is Tk 2600.   

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