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Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE Price and Review
2020-02-16 Views: 561

Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE Price and Review

During summer temperature cross 40° in our country. To get rid from this hotness everyone buy fan, AC, cooler etc. according their ability. The statistic of last 4/5 years summer temperatures show that AC become compulsory to everyone. Companies are also providing installment facility so that, it become easy to buy AC for all customers.
The capacity is not all for buying an AC. Some important features of AC are cooling features, operating system, speed etc. Walton is our domestic electronics brand has been achieving the faith of country people. Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE is a model of AC. Their special characteristics are given below, that may help you to make a decision for buy AC.
Main features- Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE is white in color that suction 18000 BTU heat from air per hour. That mean, it can keep cool 1000 ft² area. To active this model need 220-240 volt single phase, 50 harz frequency power supply. It consumes 6.3-6.5 Ampere electricity.  
Operating system- Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE is a smart inverter AC. To control it have a LCD screen remote. Have child lock system. You can also operate it by your smart phone from anywhere. When you can control any device from anywhere indoor or outdoor then your confidence will rise that you can manage your system.
Mechanical features- Rotary compressor used here. That is more energy saving and more strong. 1.2 kg refrigerant are store here. This model is usable both indoor and outdoor with same efficiency. In case of outdoor 20°-43° temperature will be coverage by this model. It has 5m pipe to connect the outer part with indoor part. Its louvered spread the air all over the room.  

Mode and speed- You can change your room temperature according your demand by AC. Example- warm in winter, cool breeze in extreme summer. If you set auto mode, then it will control room temperature by using its weather sensor to maintain room environment. Humid sensor is also including in this model. When humidification is more in air then it suction it and keep you dry and cool. There are four types of mode included in this model. Those are- Turbo mode, Auto mode, dry mode, fan mode. It can cope with any kind of weather. You can change the air direction with yourself. Its louvered fin can move easily to serve you cool air.

Speed setting- In this model has some setting option. For example- Auto, high, medium and low. Also have restart, comfort cooling, timer and sleep options. If you set timer than after certain time AC will be stop flowing air automatically. Sensitive people are always tried to save from coldness of AC. If they set timer, then no need to put it off again.   

Another features- Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE is a smart inverter AC. Including special features it also have two more good quality. 1. Soundless and 2.Energy saving. As usual AC are creating sound after star up to till reach the desire temperature or noising few always. This model does soundless performance. Just press remote and go to sleep. No unwanted sound will harm your rest. For having inverter technology it will save your energy up to 60%. Keep your AC active and electricity bill also according your use.
Price and market- you will found this Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE model at any Walton and best electronics show-room. Price of this model is 65,500.00 Taka.

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