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Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 price and review
2020-05-15 Views: 398

Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 price and review

Charger lamp is an important device in any home. It’s may not be necessary in every day but when suddenly load shading you will must find the charger light. So, this little device is not futik. That’s why always keep a better quality charger light. Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 is smart designed charge light model. Structure and features of this model is very useful. 
COB LED Light- Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 is built in with only one COB LED Light. COB LED light is a fusion of many LED light. For this its light is so much bright. Brightness of this light is more than any single LED light. So that this model will ensure you brighter light.  
Structure- With bright orange color base and black handle Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 has a typical structure. There is a rotary type switch or regulator on its base. That used for controlling brightness. From mild to bright have several step of light that can you choose according your need. You can customize it easily. This model can keep in stand by anywhere for its plain base. Easily carry or hang with strong handle.  
Charging Function- After buy and before use charge this model for 9 to 12 hour. To charge this model need 110-240 volt 50 Hz AC power supply. It has a charging indicator. That gives you signal during charge.
Electric features- Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 has lead acid battery. Efficiency of this battery is 4 volt 300mAm/h. To active this model need minimum 5.5 watt energy. This model can fully run in mild or full bighting mode from 2 hour to 16 hour.  
Market and price- Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 is available to your nearest Walton show-room. Price of this model is 800.00 Taka.

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