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Walton freezer WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX Price and Review
2020-06-16 Views: 418

Walton freezer WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX Price and Review

Eid-ul-azha is coming up. Every year before Eid customers are becoming demanding for buying freezer. Before parching a customer always try to enquiry several models and brands of freezer to take decision. By considering their headache here we go for discuss a low budget durable lasting freezer models of Walton group. Pros and cons side of this model are here in details-    
Capacity- Walton freezer WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX is one of the durable models of freezer. Capability of this red colors freezer is 146 litters. That is good enough for a family. Freezer mainly frozen your food and keep it for a long time with real test and value. It depends on compressor. If it’s not so modern features included but frozen quality is good, then it is enough for family.  
Features- It is a direct cool type freezer. Its climate type is N~ST. That is able to fast cooling and keeps your real food value for long time. Its condenser and capillary are made by copper. Here used RSIR/RSCR compressor and refrigerant is R134a.It is eco friendly and longer efficiency. Thermostat is RoHS certified. Its internal temperature is less than -18°C.   
Structure- This model has foaming door. Have a safety lock. Have one shelf and one basket to keeps frozen items separately. This bright red colors freezers temperature controlling system is regulating system. Inner part if this model is covered with aluminum sheet and outer side is steel sheet.      
Obstructions- Walton freezer WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX is designed with just basic features. That will serve you basic facilities of a good quality freezer without any modern support. It has no interior light and no cold water dispenser. You have to defrost its frozen ice around interior wall mechanically.
Another features- You can use 600VA stabilizer with it. This model is 100% eco friendly. Here used totally CFC and HCFC free green technology.   
Walton freezer WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX is an able to set your any non-spacious corner of your home. You can found it any Walton show-room or can contact them to collect this model. Price of this one is 19650.00 Taka.

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