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Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 Review and price
2019-09-25 Views: 650

Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 Review and price

Cooking is a part and parcel of daily life. The person who prepares food regularly fpr family always she or he think about the next item will be what? Cooking is a duty for her, not enjoyable game. A housewife spends her maximum time to prepare or make food dishes. In present time we have some home appliance which saves time housewife or sheaf and make quite easy to take preparation for cooking. Blender is one kinds of very useful kitchen appliances.

Walton brand in Bangladesh brought several type of blender in market. Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 is one of new arrival blender model.   
Feature of this model-
  • Cooler stick
  • BPA free jar
  • Lemon Squeezer.
  • Ice crushing facility.
  • BPA free grinder cup.
  • 600 ml capacity chopper jar.
  • Sharp stainless steel blades.
  • 570 ml capacity tritan sports bottle.
Design of this blender is little bit different than regular blender design in our country. Mainly this model is very useful to prepare different type of fruit drink. Main attraction of this model is tritan bottle. We use this type of bottle in travelling. Directly you can use this bottle in blender just by changing its cap.   

Use- To make any kind of fruit or health drink took all elements to your bottle. Then set the blender cap. Set on blender and press the power button. After complete your task replace the blender cap with regular bottle cap and put it in the bag for travel or anywhere you go. This bottle is available with blender set.

Structure- Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 is very light in weight and portable. A blender body is divided between two parts. Base or bottom and jar. Motor is consisting in base. So that, it is a heavier part of blender and electric wire is connected with base to complete power supply. But, this model is wire free. In the point of regulator you will get only one press button. Because of its light structure and wireless figure you may carry out it anywhere to use as you want. It runs with battery.

Usefulness-  Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 first benefit is portable structure. This model is also providing you other features of regular blender. Mixing, juice making, grinder or chopper every task is possible to held by this. Extra option is ice crushing and lemon squeezer. In regular blender this options are not available. You can prepare lemon, orange or malta juice easily. It has cooler stick, that will save and safe your hand from heat and electric shock. By use this blender you can finished chopping or grinding. Accessories of this blender set like jar, cup or bottle all are made by BPA free food graded plastic.

This model is able to help you making or preparing something for your family. Walton Blender WBL-6TCG30 is available in any home appliance or Walton show-room. Its value is 3100 taka. For online purchase log in to- eplaza.waltonbd.com

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