Walton Water Filter WWP-RO12L

Walton Water Filter WWP-RO12L

Walton Water Filter WWP-RO12L
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Walton Water Filter WWP-RO12L
Model No: WWP-RO12L

Price: Tk 9000.00

Views: 10 times.
Updated on: 2020-09-08
Price Updated on: 2020-12-08
ID: 12261

Category: Water Filter
Brand: Walton
Showroom Address: Click here

Product Description
- Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology
- Five stages water purification system:
1. Spun PP/ Sediment Filter
2. Granular Carbon/Pre- carbon filter
3. Carbon Block Cartridge
4. RO Membrane
5. Post Inline Carbon
- RO + pH + chloride control
- Remove bacteria, dust, odor, smell, dissolved solid & suspending particles from water
- Adjust the test of water
- LED indication for water source, tank full & power supply
- Adopted Korean style cartridge
- Water leakage protection
- Automatically water flow shutoff function


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