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Walton Rice Cooker WRC-PAPE22

Walton Rice Cooker WRC-PAPE22

Walton Rice Cooker WRC-PAPE22
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Price updated on 2021-04-27

Model No: WRC-PAPE22
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ID: 15364
Category: Rice Cooker
Brand: Walton

Product Description
  • Usable for 1.3-1.5 KG uncooked rice
  • Unique “Safety thermostat” for the best electrical safety
  • Electrical shock resistance
  • High Temperature resistant Glossy Plastic body
  • Two Non-stick Aluminum Inner pot
  • High Temperature resistant Poly-carbonate food steamer
  • Easy to clean and removable inner pot
  • Simple electronic operation with automatic keep-warm
     Power  900 Watt
     Voltage  220 V AC
     50 Hz
     2.2 L  
     Inner pot material
     Poly carbonate
     Carton Dimension  Length- 320 mm
     Width- 320 mm
     Height- 330 mm
     Net Weight- 3.5 KG

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