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Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD

Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD

Walton Non-Frost Refrigerator WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD
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Model No: WNI-6A9-GDNE-DD
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ID: 16700
Category: Refrigerator
Brand: Walton

Product Description
Cooling Features :
Type Non-Frost
Capacity :
Gross Volume 619 Ltr.
Net Volume 590 Ltr.
Net Weight 116 ± 2 Kg
Gross Weight 126 ± 2 Kg
Performance :
Climatic Type (SN, N, ST, T) N~T
Rated Voltage/ Hz 220~240 V/ 50 Hz
Compressor Input Power (watt) 45.4 - 197
Compressor BLDC Inverter
General Features :
Temperature Control (Electronic/ Mechanical) Electronic
Defrosting (Automatic/ Manual) Automatic
Condenser MS
Capillary Copper
Handle (Recessed/ Grip) Built In
Lock No
Polyurethane foam blowing agent Cyclopentene
[Eco-friendly (100% CFC &
HCFC Free) Green Technology]
Refrigerator Compartment :
Shelf (Material/No.) Glass/5
Bottle Pocket GPPS/4
Interior Lamp Yes
Egg Tray or Pocket Yes/ 1
Vegetable Crisper Yes/1
Water Dispenser No
Freezer Compartment :
Ice Case Yes/1
Ice Box Yes/1
Shelf (Material/ No.) GLASS/5
Bottle Pocket GPPS/4
Interior LED Lamp Yes
Drawer Yes/1
Cooling Effect Freezer Cabinet Less than -18℃
Refrigerator Cabinet 0℃ to +5℃
Net Dimensions :
Width/mm 865 mm
Depth/mm 720 mm
Height/mm 1775 mm
Packaging Dimensions :
Width/mm 900 mm
Depth/mm 770 mm
Height/mm 1780 mm
Loading Capacity- 40HQ/ 40Ft/ 20Ft
Loading Capacity- 40HQ/40Ft/20Ft 52/39/18
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