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Walton Fan WCF5604 WR

Walton Fan WCF5604 WR

Walton Fan WCF5604 WR
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Price updated on 2021-04-28

Model No: WCF5604 WR
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Category: Fan
Brand: Walton

Product Description
-State-of-the art high pressure cold chamber die casting machine is being used for body parts and rotor casting
-Cutting edge progressive technology is used for motor lamination
-Inline varnish process to ensure superior quality
-Made by super enameled copper (99.9%  pure copper)
-Aero-dynamically designed blades for high  velocity air
-Best quality coating powder is used for better finishing
-No inflammable material is used
-Precision sealed bearing for long lasting
-Lowest power consumption
Type Ceiling Fan
Color indigo, pink, off white, white silver
Size 1400mm (56'')
Rated voltage 220V
Speed 310±3% RPM
Frequency 50Hz
Power Consumption 70W
Power factor .97

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