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Walton Fan W17OA-AS

Walton Fan W17OA-AS

Walton Fan W17OA-AS
Walton Fan W17OA-AS
Model No: W17OA-AS

Price: Tk 4200.00

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Updated on: 2021-01-18
ID: 12761

Category: Fan
Brand: Walton

Product Description
- Rechargeable Table Fan (17”)
- Long run time battery with overcharge and over discharge protection system.
- Switch mode power supply (SMPS) system ; Range: 90V-265V
- With or without remote control
- High/Low/Natural speed selection
- Auto switching between AC to DC
- Bright LED night light.
- Automatic oscillation system.
  General Specification :
 Size  430mm (17”)
 Rated voltage  AC220V
 Rated RPM  1385
 Rated frequency  50 Hz
 Rechargeable Lead Acid 12V 4.5Ah
 Rated Input
 30 watt
 Fan motor  DC 12V
 Charging Time
 8-10 Hours
 LED Light
 Super bright white led 0.056W X 2
 Battery running time:
 High Speed
 3 Hours (Approx)
 Natural Speed
 3.5 Hours (Approx)
 Low Speed
 6.0 Hours (Approx)
 LED Light  90 Hours

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