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Singer Instant Water Heater SWH-118EP

Singer Instant Water Heater SWH-118EP

Singer Instant Water Heater  SWH-118EP
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Price updated on 2020-12-19

Model No: SWH-118EP
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ID: 12620
Category: Geyser
Brand: Singer

Product Description
Type Instant Water Heater
Spray Patterns 5 Spray Patterns (Massage, Mixed, Standard, Soothe, Jumbo)
Water Flow Rate 2 Liters Per Minute
Pressure Rating Min 0.1 Bar - Max 6 Bar
Standards Thailand, Canada, USA, Malaysia & Singapore Safety Standards, High Quality UK Technology Heating Element With UL Approved Standard
Temperature Controls Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control
Power 220~240V
Safety / Protection > Triple Safety Protection (Built-In Auto Flow Switch Prevents Over Heating, Built-In 15mA Sensitivity Electric ELCB,
> Anti-Scalding Thermal Safety Design),
> Built-In Lightning Surge Protector (ELCB),
> Built-In RCD Residual Current Device (Cut Off Power In The Event Of Current Leakage),
> Plastic Stop Valve And None Conductive PVC Flexible Hose ( Safest & Simplest Solution In Preventing Electrocution To End User),
> Dual Temperature Thermal Cut-Off Protector
Special Features > Stepless Electronic Power Control,
> RoHS Compliance Product Free From Lead, Mercury,
> Cadmium,
> Hexavalent Chromium,
> Pbb And Pbde,
> AC Booster Pup 120W 220V
Made In Malaysia
Package Contents > Shower Unit,
> Multi-Spray Hand Shower,
> Slider Rail Set,
> Hose & Washer,
> Soap Tray,
> Stop Valve With Filters,
> Screw & Wall Plugs,
> Operation Manual,
> Warranty Card
Colors Silver
Dimensions (H x W x L) 356 x 246 x 117
Weight 4 Kg
Other Information Electronic Variable Power Temperature Control, 3 In 1 Compact Stop, Flow & Filter Valve, 55 Celsius Degrees Anti-Scalding
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