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  • Philips Blender HR-210203 Price and Review
    Always select better quality appliance for regular use. Well branded appliance always ensures better service for longer. Use of blender is regular for preparing cooking ingredient or juice at home. When its blend, working procedure and motor is strong then it will be durable ... English Bangla
  • Philips Daily Collection Jar Rice Cooker HD3119
    Philips Daily Collection Jar Rice Cooker HD3119 In the modern days of kitchen rice cooker is a common modern appliance. Due to have easy operating modern features as well as attractive outlook rice cooker has become part and parcel of modern kitchen. Ther... English
  • Philips Induction Cooker HD 4938 price and reviews
    Philips Induction Cooker HD 4938 Some of the appliances have made modern kitchen safer than ever before. Among them induction cooker is a renowned one. It is a plug and play appliance. No matter you have big kitchen or small kitchen you could easily set this wonderful e... English Bangla
  • Philips Shaver Trimmer RQ1250 price and Reviews
    Philips Shaver Trimmer RQ1250 In the age of modern technology, we are very much depending on appliances. Technology has given way to new electric shavers that are taking place on traditional shaving razors.These days its a good idea for a man to have a grooming set which c... English
  • Philips Hand Mixer HR-1456 Price and Reviews
    Philips Hand Mixer HR-1456Philips Hand Mixer HR-1456 is one of the attractive kitchen appliances that has made housekeeper relax then earlier. No matter what are you going to mix Philips Hand Mixer HR-1456 is ready to serve you. It is a white color light weight portable hand mixer with sta... English