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    • General 1.0 Ton AC ASGA-12FNTA price and review
      General AC is very well known at our country. Proper balance of service and technology with price is mainly creating faith to customer. There are several types of models of general AC. General 1.0 Ton AC ASGA-12FNTA is a model of AC. Its efficiency is 12,000 BTU. Special f... English Bangla
    • Minister Freezer M-235 blue price and review
      Chest Freezer is one of the important home appliances. To keeps frozen food for longer storage and storage huge amount need deep frizzier. In busy life people depends on deep frizzier. Because of, not only raw food but also cooked fo... English Bangla
    • LG 8 KG Auto top loading washing machine middle black
      When it became difficult to seek time for wash clothes by hand, then we depend on washing machine. For buy a washing machine we need to conscious about a good brand and effective function for better service. Otherwise it will be out of order soon. L... English Bangla
    • Walton Refrigerator WFA-1N3-GDES-XX price and review
      Refrigerator is one of the necessary home appliances for regular use. There are several type of home appliance of many prices and many qualities.When you need a budget friendly refrigerator then our domestic brands are comes first in list. Walton is our d... English Bangla
    • Gree split type air conditioner GS18LM410 (1.5 TON) price and review
      Gree is a well-known brand for AC. Several types of models are available in market with different features and different prices of Gree  AC. When price is hike then features are modern. Gree split type air conditioner GS18LM410 (1.5 TON) is a smart feature... English Bangla
    • Gree split type air conditionerGS-24CZ410 (2.0 TON) price and review
      AC is one of the demandable appliances. AC is useful both in summer/winter. But, in our country climate is tropical and there is no alternative to get cool touch during summer. Better quality AC is not just keeps home cool but also resist germ to inter room.Better ... English Bangla
    • LG No-frost refrigerator NIMBUS GL-B252VPZY PY price and review
      To buy any quality full refrigerator must need to give high price.Because, your family health and quality foods depends on refrigerator. For this reason necessary to buy better quality refrigerator according to ability. LG is one of the world classes brand among th... English Bangla
    • Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHV price and review
      Sharp is a well-known home appliance brand all over world through the Bangladesh. They have several types of appliance in market.  For better service Sharp brand belongs in the top of the list. For summer Sharp brought different models of AC in market. Sha... English Bangla
    • Elite Grinder Singer-Silver SRBL price and review
      Ramadan has begun. During summer at the iftar time we eagerly wait for a glass of sharbat or healthy fruit drink. By use a grinder you can prepare a healthy fruit drink at your place.Elite Grinder Singer-Silver SRBL is a strong model of a grinder. It... English Bangla
    • KONKA KFLRC-50-90W rice cooker price and review
      Some specific model of rice cooker is now very popular. Glass lid rice cookers are easy to use, cooking friendly for several types of dishes. KONKA KFLRC-50-90W rice cooker is a such kind of comfortable type of rice cooker. Structure- KONKA KFLRC-50-90W  rice cooker... English Bangla
    • Eco+ 195 litter glass door refrigerator black circle price and review
      Eco+ brought several type of regular refrigerator model by following time demand. Eco+ 195 litter glass door refrigerator black circle is one of them. This refrigerators door is made by glass and golden dot circle... English Bangla
    • Gree Portable Air Cooler KSWK-2001DGL price and review
      An air cooler can gives you the cool air flow all over the room during horrible summer. Air cooler is such kind of home appliance that only useful in summer. It will feel up your room with chill air. It is not AC but service like fan cum AC. Limitations is you cann... English Bangla
    • Eco+ 217 Liter No Frost Refrigerator price and review
      Eco+ brand brought some kinds of refrigerator models in market. Generally we are used general type of refrigerator at home or office. This type of refrigerator has naturally two compartments. One is normal refrigerator and another is frizzier compartment. Eco+ 21... English Bangla
    • Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2L price and review
      Boiling water is essential for everyday cooking and various daily activities. Use of electric kettle is quiet popular for rapid water boiling. You can easily boil water without huge preparation at your office or home. Just plug into a safe electric supply line. Minister ... English Bangla
    • SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT price and review
      SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a premium quality AC model. This black and gray color is a model of modern technology and features. Structure- SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a black and gray mixed color. SINGER nam... English Bangla
    • General Air ConditionerASGA-18EHFT price and review
      In summer several types of problems are have faced, horrible hot is one of them. In our country temperature belongs between 35° to 40° C vary on area.Sometimes it exceeds 40°. AC gives some relief in this situation. People get some peace in home by AC. G... English Bangla
    • Conion Refrigerator BE-170(Black & Red) price and review
      Conion Refrigerator  BE-170 GD (Black & Red)Today’s market of appliance of our country is more independent and demandable. Which are able to earn public faith Conionis one of them. In ... English Bangla
    • Walton Fan W17OA W17OA-EM-MS has price and review
      Walton Fan W17OA-EM-MS fan is one of the popular rechargeable fan models of Walton brand. Most of the features of rechargeable fan are same. W17OA-EM-MS is a great combination of modern features and reasonable price.  Structure- Walton Fan W17OA W17OA-EM-MS is a white and a... English Bangla
    • Walton Fan W17OA-AS has price and review
      During summer some appliance are cover the appliance market rapidly. Rechargeable fan is one of the important appliances for summer. A rechargeable fan can gives you more relax and rescue from sweating in load shading. To use it no need for alternative connection or huge arrangement... English Bangla
    • SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe price and review
      গ্রীষ্মকাল সমাগত। গরমের সময় প্রতিটি ঘরে যে অ্যাপ্লায়েন্সটির একযোগে ব্যবহার হয়, সেটা হল সিলিং ফ্যান।মধ্... English Bangla
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