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    • Eco+ 217 Liter No Frost Refrigerator price and review
      Eco+ brand brought some kinds of refrigerator models in market. Generally we are used general type of refrigerator at home or office. This type of refrigerator has naturally two compartments. One is normal refrigerator and another is frizzier compartment. Eco+ 21... English Bangla
    • Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2L price and review
      Boiling water is essential for everyday cooking and various daily activities. Use of electric kettle is quiet popular for rapid water boiling. You can easily boil water without huge preparation at your office or home. Just plug into a safe electric supply line. Minister ... English Bangla
    • SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT price and review
      SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a premium quality AC model. This black and gray color is a model of modern technology and features. Structure- SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a black and gray mixed color. SINGER nam... English Bangla
    • General Air ConditionerASGA-18EHFT price and review
      In summer several types of problems are have faced, horrible hot is one of them. In our country temperature belongs between 35° to 40° C vary on area.Sometimes it exceeds 40°. AC gives some relief in this situation. People get some peace in home by AC. G... English Bangla
    • Conion Refrigerator BE-170(Black & Red) price and review
      Conion Refrigerator  BE-170 GD (Black & Red)Today’s market of appliance of our country is more independent and demandable. Which are able to earn public faith Conionis one of them. In ... English Bangla
    • Walton Fan W17OA W17OA-EM-MS has price and review
      Walton Fan W17OA-EM-MS fan is one of the popular rechargeable fan models of Walton brand. Most of the features of rechargeable fan are same. W17OA-EM-MS is a great combination of modern features and reasonable price.  Structure- Walton Fan W17OA W17OA-EM-MS is a white and a... English Bangla
    • Walton Fan W17OA-AS has price and review
      During summer some appliance are cover the appliance market rapidly. Rechargeable fan is one of the important appliances for summer. A rechargeable fan can gives you more relax and rescue from sweating in load shading. To use it no need for alternative connection or huge arrangement... English Bangla
    • SINGER Celling Fan Supreme-Deluxe price and review
      গ্রীষ্মকাল সমাগত। গরমের সময় প্রতিটি ঘরে যে অ্যাপ্লায়েন্সটির একযোগে ব্যবহার হয়, সেটা হল সিলিং ফ্যান।মধ্... English Bangla
    • Walton Fan WRTF14A Price and Review
      Rechargeable fan will be demanding soon. When load shading will be regular problem and instant power supply is not affordable for all. Bachelor or single life is more economy type. For bachelor life or family rechargeable fan is most useful according demand. Walton Fan WRTF14A is a m... English Bangla
    • Jamuna refrigerator JR-LES634800 CD Majestic Padma Price and Review
      Jamuna is one of the renowned brands of our country. Our domestic brands always try to gives height facility within affordable budget to our country man. They are assembling TV, fridge, AC and more other appliance with modern technology. Jamuna re... English Bangla
    • Vision Geyser 45 liter regular price and review
      Warm water shower is keeps body healthy and fresh. Release joint pain. Increase proper blood circulation and remove tiredness. In winter season warm water shower keeps cold sickness away. Geyser is a one of the easiest solution of hot water supply in bathroom. A quality full geyser w... English Bangla
    • KONKA electric kettle LW-12D(1.2 LTR) price and review
      KONKA is one of the renowned home appliance brands in our country. KONKA deliver to market various daily demandable home appliances. Electric kettle is used door to door in winter season and useful for full year. KONKA electric kettle LW-12D(1.2 LTR) is a model of KONKA bra... English Bangla
    • Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-006 price and review
      Essential products need to be active and lucrative to look at. Better service and perfect looks always makes joyful use experience. Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-006 is a lucrative model of electric kettle. It is easy to use and very fast performance.  ... English Bangla
    • Walton Rice Cooker WRC-SGA20 Price and Review
      The modern time rice cookers are able for rice and curry cooking. Outer pot made by Strong stainless steels, durable inner pot with net cover. A transparent glass lid replaces the heavy lid. Walton Rice Cooker WRC-SGA20 is a model of rice cooker. It is an applianc... English Bangla
    • Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 Price and Review
      Micro wave oven is not just luxury but also need in this time. Cooking, baking, grill or defrost is easier for using oven, save your time and less your work. An effective oven is very important to make cake, pizza, bread or cookies at home for loving family persons. For our ... English Bangla
    • Eco+ Television 24D1200B PRICE AND REVIEW
      Several types of home appliance is available at your home for entertainment. But TV is only one way for a complete family entertainment. Time is unexplainable when all the family members get to gathers for enjoy a movie, match or any program. Buyer must ensure the features o... English Bangla
    • Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L price and review
      Geyser is an easy solution for hot water during shower time. Keep your bathroom geyser full to get water during bath time properly. Otherwise you will have to wait for a while. Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a durable model of geyser. Outlook- Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a drum shap... English Bangla
    • Walton Rice Cooker WRC-8T28 (2.8L) Price and Review
      To cook rice and steam food need a durable model of rice cooker. Our domestic brand Walton provides from manual to modern models of rice cooker. Walton Rice Cooker WRC-8T28 (2.8L) is a basic featured model of rice cooker. You can use it for everyday cooking randomly. F... English Bangla
    • Philips Blender HR-210203 Price and Review
      Always select better quality appliance for regular use. Well branded appliance always ensures better service for longer. Use of blender is regular for preparing cooking ingredient or juice at home. When its blend, working procedure and motor is strong then it will be durable ... English Bangla
    • Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-WA18(MJ) Price and Review
      Rice cooker is very popular home appliance in our country. Our main meal is rice and a rice cooker is an easy way to cook rice. Rice cooker is appropriate not only for rice but also rice type any dish or curry cooking. Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-WA18(MJ) is a durable mode... English Bangla
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