• Walton Blender WBL-13M230 Price and Review
      Walton Blender WBL-13M230 is a lucrative blender model. To tackle kitchen task many functional model is not necessary. Need a quality full and effective blender. That’s blade will be made by stainless steel and power full motor included. Walton... English Bangla
    • Sharp Deep Frizzier SJC 168WH Price and Review
      A chest frizzier is now become need. Not only raw fish and meat, working women are makes ruti or paratha, snacks items, chocolates or dairy items keeps in frozen for long time storages. Many people are not able to daily cooking, they cooks one day... English Bangla
    • Vision Chest Frizzier VIS-250L price and review
      Fish/meat, chocolate or Ice-cream, frozen foods keep home for long day need chest frizz or frizzier. Nowadays busy person depends much on frizzier besides of refrigerator because of store food for long day. A good quality, better service chest f... English Bangla
    • Vision Evaporate Air Cooler 30M(Icebarg) Price and Review
      Middle in the year in Bangladesh weather is too rough for extreme hot climate. To get rid from this summer everybody trying by their ability using fan, AC or cooler. AC is desirable to all, but ability is always not with expectation. Cooler is an easy solution a... English Bangla
    • Vision Iron VIS-TEI-006 Price and Review
      Be clean and clear is an only one way to be safe from corona virus. Washing hands and feet regularly also wash your dress. Most of us are doing know that washing clothes are not enough. To make it germ free properly iron your cloths after every wash. When we are maintaining our ... English Bangla
    • Vision Split AC AOC(3D Air) price and review
      Our Bangladeshi product spread noise in the market of electronics home appliance. Nowadays foreign companies are not only one dependency for refrigerators, TV or AC purchasing. No tension for big budget. In this summer for your easy decision for a good AC within small budget ... English Bangla
    • Walton Washing Machine WWM-KS60S Price and Review
      All over the world peoples are trying to fight back with corona virus for living. Still vaccine or medicine is hunting. In this situation we have only one rule to follow- “Prevention is better than cure”. In this situation neat and clean is most important.&n... English Bangla
    • Price and review of Vision GD refrigerator VIS-252 G
      Vision GD refrigerator VIS-252 G is one of the attractive designs of refrigerator model. It is an eco friendly and modern features refrigerator that able to give complete support to a family. Stylish to look at, spacious, eco friendly and less current consumed. Some spe... English Bangla
    • Walton freezer WCF-1D5-RRXX-XX Price and Review
      Eid-ul-azha is coming up. Every year before Eid customers are becoming demanding for buying freezer. Before parching a customer always try to enquiry several models and brands of freezer to take decision. By considering their headache here we go for discuss a low budget d... English Bangla
    • Walton Rechargeable Lamp WRL-L69 price and review
      Charger lamp is an important device in any home. It’s may not be necessary in every day but when suddenly load shading you will must find the charger light. So, this little device is not futik. That’s why always keep a better quality charger light. Walton Re... English Bangla
    • Walton Rechargeable Fan W170A-EM-MS price and review
      Rechargeable fan is one of the demandable home appliances in recent time. To reduce excited use of AC, Fan etc. are affected when electricity is on. But, when it is load shading then? This situation is not new in our country, rather too common. During extreme summer ... English Bangla
    • Vision Food Processor VIS-FP-001 Price and Review
      To make any fruit juice or drink in home blender is not always enough. Day by day increasing blenders or mixtures function. According jar size by small or large with different type of stainless blade use are become different from one to another. Making tasty a juice on... English Bangla
    • Western Charger Fan WI-F0056 price and review
      Summer is already knocking door. Temperature will increase day by day. In our country summer keeps warm from March to October. Month of  “Chaitra” in bangle summer is out breaks. Load shading also add with summer. In this situation Air cooler or Air Conditi... English Bangla
    • Walton Water Purifier WWD-SE04 Price and Review
      To be cure safe drinking water is essential. Every year number of child death, adult affected number is a big threatens for us. Every family is enough careful about safe drinking water. To secure they depend on water filter or purifier. A conscious family leader always wa... English Bangla
    • Sharp Inverter Refrigerator SJ-EX3153E-SL Price and Reviews
      Sharp refrigerator built in Japanese technology. That’s why Sharp is different for its quality from other refrigerator.  Sharp brand is quiet costly in price, so that, customers are unwilling to Sharp refrigerator. If you are looking for a semi-large ... English Bangla
    • Walton refrigerator WNH-3H6-GDEL-XX price and review
      A refrigerator is not only a home appliance. Now it becomes an important family member. Which absences make you anxious. We are depends on freeze for food storage. Various country brought various model of refrigerators. Walton is popular among our domestic ... English Bangla
    • Walton split AC WSI-RIVERINE Price and Review
      During summer temperature cross 40° in our country. To get rid from this hotness everyone buy fan, AC, cooler etc. according their ability. The statistic of last 4/5 years summer temperatures show that AC become compulsory to everyone. Companies are also providing insta... English Bangla
    • Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-M35J Price and Review
      Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-M35J is an instant water heater model. Walton brought to you different models of water heater have good quality and included modern desirable facilities. This model is cheap in rate. Outlook- Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-M35J ... English Bangla
    • Conion Washing Machine BEX 750TTXP Price and Reviews
      Still now we are willing to wash cloth by hand. It is always better to do your task by yourself. That not only satisfied yourself but also keep your body fit. But if it is difficult to maintain your time or you are unable to do this for illness than you have to choose... English Bangla
    • Walton Water Heater (Geyser) WIWH-C45A08 Price and Review
      In winter season take a bath is likely hike a mountain. We are people of Tropical country. Winter debilitated us more. Normal life work becomes very difficult. In this situation shower is compulsory but painful task. To boil water there are several way. But for al... English Bangla
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