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    • Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L price and review
      Geyser is an easy solution for hot water during shower time. Keep your bathroom geyser full to get water during bath time properly. Otherwise you will have to wait for a while. Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a durable model of geyser. Outlook- Walton Geyser WWH-WH35L is a drum shap... English Bangla
    • Walton Rice Cooker WRC-8T28 (2.8L) Price and Review
      To cook rice and steam food need a durable model of rice cooker. Our domestic brand Walton provides from manual to modern models of rice cooker. Walton Rice Cooker WRC-8T28 (2.8L) is a basic featured model of rice cooker. You can use it for everyday cooking randomly. F... English Bangla
    • Philips Blender HR-210203 Price and Review
      Always select better quality appliance for regular use. Well branded appliance always ensures better service for longer. Use of blender is regular for preparing cooking ingredient or juice at home. When its blend, working procedure and motor is strong then it will be durable ... English Bangla
    • Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-WA18(MJ) Price and Review
      Rice cooker is very popular home appliance in our country. Our main meal is rice and a rice cooker is an easy way to cook rice. Rice cooker is appropriate not only for rice but also rice type any dish or curry cooking. Panasonic Rice Cooker SR-WA18(MJ) is a durable mode... English Bangla
    • Price and review of Vision micro wave Oven VSM 30L
      Family members are making festive any time with homemade cake, pizza or bun. To make this items at home anytime need a better quality oven. At our domestic product Vision micro wave Oven VSM 30L is a beautiful and budget friendly model. Efficiency of Vision micro wave Ove... English Bangla
    • SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1002-PL Price and Review
      In winter season we random use hot water for several task. For Ozu, shower or drinking water we mix some hot water. For tea or coffee anytime we can get hot water by electric kettle. SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1002-PLis a model of SINGER brand. Features and str... English Bangla
    • SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PL price and review
      Anytime hot water demand can be fill by electric kettle. It can set up at your room, kitchen or wash room and make water hot within very few minutes.SINGER Electric KettleSREK-KEC1799A-PLis a model of SINGER brand. Features and structure of this model are given b... English Bangla
    • SINGER instant water heater SWH-118EP Price and Reviews
      Geyser is an essential appliance in winter for warm shower. No need to get arranges hot water outer of bathroom.You can get hot water any time when you need just install the geyser at your bathroom wall. Connect the main water line with the inlet point of the geyse... English Bangla
    • Walton Geyser WWH-WC15L Price and Review
      In winter season enjoy your shower by using geyser. Not only in winter but also every season shower with warm water is make your muscles relax, keep away clod allergy related sickness, joint pain relief etc. To keep storage of hot water 20 hours in bathroom geyser is best soluti... English Bangla
    • SINGER Micro-wave oven SRMO-SMW-G30G6 price
      For anytime reheating food, micro-wave oven is a best solution. When you are want to make cake, cookies or any type of baking items, you need an oven. For home kitchen any brands and oven is not preferable. Always try to buy quality full and basic featured according... English Bangla
    • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC302W Price and Review
      Winter is a season of cure. It is very common the use of room heater. Walton electronics brought many artistic and lucrative designs of several home appliances for those, whose are likes to maintain needs and elegancy. Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC302W is a model of room hea... English Bangla
    • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC203T price and review
      Needs of Room Heater- When an infant or old age member belongs in a family, then extra care essential for them. Although each and every person, especially whose are infected by cold. Warm clothes are not enough, keep warm interior weather. So that during rest or sleeping ... English Bangla
    • Walton Electric Kettle WK- LDW17A price and review
      When demand and nobility are belongs in a same line then it desire by all. If price is in budget then it becomes up in demand. Our domestic brands Walton always try to balance between need and budget to provide their services for all type of people. Walton Electric Kett... English Bangla
    • Walton Electric Kettle WK-PGL20 price and review
      Walton Electric Kettle WK-PGL20 is one of the stylish electric kettle model of those entire model brought by Walton. Transparent food graded plastic material make easy to interior visualization from outside to inside of kettle. You can see the boiling movement of water i... English Bangla
    • Walton Electric Kettle WK-YDW18A price and review
      Walton Electric Kettle WK-YDW18A is a good combination of beauty and modern technology. Walton is our domestic brand. Walton always tries to give us a perfect combination of elegancy and modern technology. Walton Electric Kettle WK-YDW18A is one of the examples. This lu... English Bangla
    • SINGER Rice Cooker SRRC-SRCFN1230JLRC Price and Review
      Use of rice cooker is nowadays so common for rice, hotchpotch or fried rice making. Approximately 80% people of our country are familiar with rice cooker. Cooking rice within minimum time, without hazards use of rice cooker become popular. Singer brands brought a easy an... English Bangla
    • Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 price and review
      People are effected by cold allergy are used to using hot water is every need of water task. To drink, wash face-hand-leg, shower use hot water keeps away from many kinds of cold germ and effects of corona virus. Vision Electric Kettle VIS-EK-004 is a model of electric... English Bangla
    • Price and Review of Vision Refrigerator RE-180L
      In winter or summer use of refrigerator is always quiet equal. Refrigerator is one kind of important family member in a family. At the buying time of refrigerator you have to consider- 1. Weather suitable, 2.Modern technology, 3.Developed compressor and 4.Green technology or... English Bangla
    • Walton Room Heater WRH-PTC301W Price and Review
      In winter season use of room heater become very essential. Our domestic brand Walton brought to you a lucrative model of room heater. It is easy to use, developed technology and beautiful to look at. Before models are controlled by knob. This model is looks like AC and co... English Bangla
    • Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 Price and Review
      To make easy and hazard free washing clothes use of washing machine is incredible. Be careful about quality of washing machine that it can’t make your headache. Walton Automatic Washing Machine WWM-Q60 is a model of washing machine of Walton group... English Bangla
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