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Walton WRC PAPE22 price and features
Published: 2021-06-27 Views: 513

Walton WRC PAPE22 price and features

In our country, rice is our main food. Cooking rice is not very tough or not easy too. If the process of rice cooking is not properly done than you could not have eatable rice at your meal time.  Rice cooker has made all these critical process easy. Therefore, rice cooker has become one of the necessary kitchen appliances of our family.

Generally we do not see too much verity in rice cooker design. To keep this thing in mind, Walton has introduce new attractive out looking model of rice corker in market.  Walton WRC-PAPE22 is a futuristic featuring model of rice cooker within affordable price.

Outlook: Walton WRC PAPE22 is round shape model made of plastic with non sticky inner coating. Inside of the cooker as well as inner pot is made of non sticky metal. To hold the cooker two handle bar is given that allow you to move the cooker easily from one place to another. You will get three available colors of red, pink and sky Walton WRC PAPE22 rice cooker.

Features: Walton WRC PAPE22 has a safety thermostat to electricity safety. a steamer is given at the top of the rice cooker body.  Quality steamer is given at the top of the Walton WRC PAPE22 that can handle high temperature. It can be easily operated. You just need to cut off the power supply line to shut down the cooker. Due to have non sticky features it can be easily clean.

Price and showrooms: you would easily get Walton WRC PAPE22 at your nearest Walton showrooms within affordable price.


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