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Walton World Cup Offer
Published: 2019-07-04 Views: 1002

Walton World Cup Offer

In this World Cup have a special gift for cricket lover buying Walton LED TV. A golden addition bat-ball with autograph of Mashrafi-bin-Murtuza! Also special discount onTV some specific model. Buy best quality LED TV with reasonable price. Enjoy world cup with Walton.
Let’s have a look some of the conditions of this offer at a glance.
  1. After purchasing, you have to register your number through sms.
  2. You would consider as an eligible customer only to purchase LED TV.
  3. GOLD EDITION bat-ball with Mashrafi’ssigneture is design only for this campaign.
  4. Total lottery procedure will be manage by computerize system.
  5. Authority has the power to change the campaign anytime.
Characteristics of Walton LED TV is given below-
  • DOLBY digital- used DOLBY digitaltechnology to give you best performance.
  • Extra ordinarily colorful- Extra ordinary colorful effect feels you live enjoyment.
  • 3D combo filter- separates the luminance signal from the chrominance signal three horizontal scan lines of video at a time.
  • HDMI 1.4- The HDMI standard continues to evolve, with new capabilities designed to push the boundaries of the HD experience, both in the home and on the go.
  • High contrast- Fibroid phthisis the beauty of colors.Make pictures more live and attractive.
Discount price according model given below-

Regular Price

Model Name

Discount Price

16,500 Taka


12,990 Taka.

12,500 Taka


8,990 Taka.

29,990 Taka


19,990 Taka.

34,990 Taka


22,990 Taka.

In town or city anywhere Walton show-room is now in your area. They supply there product all over the country. In your city which show-room is included in offer you can buy your appliance from that show-room. For online shopping log-in: eplaza.walton.com. Help line-16267 or log-in: waltonbd.com.

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