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Walton TV Exchange Fair
2020-02-24 Views: 404

Walton TV Exchange Fair

Walton is our domestic brand. Walton brought almost all type of regular usable home appliance in market. They have own the faith of general customer by their quality and structure. To make it available to all kind of people they arrange many type of purchase facility. Now they declare Walton TV Exchange offer. You can change your old TV and get new version of Walton TV at discount price. This offer is going on some selective TV model. The chart of TV models are given below-

Model & Size

Regular price

Exchange value


610 mm.

11,990 Tk

9,900 Tk


813 mm.

15,800 Tk

13,600 Tk

WE-DH32V(Smart voice control TV)

813 mm.

24,990 Tk

21,500 Tk

WE-AF39V(Smart voice control TV)

991 mm.

29,900 Tk

25,900 Tk


1.09 mm.

27,990 Tk

23,990 Tk

WE4-MX43-SB100(Smart TV)

1.09 mm.

39,900 Tk

34,900 Tk

WE4-MX43V(Smart voice control TV) 1.09 mm.

43,900 Tk

38,900 Tk

 New Walton TV providing us not only Wide view angle, High Contrast but also any technological advantage that deserved a smart flat TV. Also has 4 years panel guaranty.

Walton got fame as “domestic product” in Bangladesh. Walton established their show-room each and every big city and town. Walton products are also available in any renowned home appliance show-room. You can buy Walton TV from any Walton-show room or best electronics show room. eplaza.waltonbd.com for online purchase. For any information log in - waltonbd.com or call-16267.



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