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Walton Refrigerator WFA-1N3-GDES-XX price and review
Published: 2021-05-17 Views: 384

Walton Refrigerator WFA-1N3-GDES-XX price and review

Refrigerator is one of the necessary home appliances for regular use. There are several type of home appliance of many prices and many qualities.When you need a budget friendly refrigerator then our domestic brands are comes first in list. Walton is our domestic home appliance brand, they are already recognized for well services.

Walton brought some of reasonable prices refrigerator model in market.Some special model has been lunched by Walton for personal use or office use. Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXis a single type model.

Structure-Capacity of Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXrefrigerator is 175 litters. It has two several sector frizzier and refrigerator.Differentcompartments with one glass door.Its one glass door is made by high quality tempered glass.Attractive digital floral printer design over the door.

General features-Temperature control system of Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXis mechanical type. Instead of handle it has recessed. Its refrigerant gas is R600a.MS condenser and RoHS certified thermostate has been used in this refrigerator.

Capillary pipe is made by copper.It’s become much cool in little time. It has no stabilizer.Cyclopentene polyurethane blowing agent has been used that’s 100% CFC and HCFC free.

Refrigerator Compartment-Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXhas all type of arrangement which is enough to arrange every type of daily necessary food items in limited range.it has three glass shelf, five door pocket and one vegetable crisper which capacity is 17 litter.Vegetable crisper cover is made by glass.One egg try and one medicine box is included. Its bottle accommodation is 2.25 litters. Refrigerator temperature is 0°C to 5°C.

Frizzier Compartment - In frizzier compartment of Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXhas no shelf, drawer, door basket or interior lamp. But it has two layers and a glass cover to protect more cool air flow for more frozen. Has enough air flow way. Temperature of frizzier compartment is -18°C.

Price and Show-room -Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXis available to your nearest home appliance show-room. Also some squeal model is available included this model in show room. Price of Walton WFA-1N3-GDES-XXis 20,750.00 Taka.

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