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Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMC price and review
Published: 2021-06-15 Views: 412

Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMC price and review

Walton brought to you several types of regular usable home appliance in market.Demands of appliances are increase or decrease according public need. For example- In summer season AC, Fan, Air cooler these type of appliance are grab the market.

During summer loads heading are increase.In this time rechargeable fans are top in list for customer. Walton brought several types of rechargeable fans models in market.Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMC is one of the models of rechargeable fan.

Features-Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMCis a wall fan model. It is a sky blue colors model with light color transparent sky blue blades.A remote control is given with this fan. Size of Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMC is 430mm or 17 inch. To active it 220 V electric supply is necessary. It rotation capacity is 1385 rpm. It is a rechargeable fan model. A rechargeable battery is included with this fan, so that during load sheading it can runs with this battery. 12V lead acid battery is included with Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMC, which efficiency is 4.5Ah.

Special features ofWalton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMC-This fan is active in AC and DC both ways. Normally runs with AC and in load sheading runs with DC. Automatic oscillation system spread air around. There are three speed control regulating system- Low/medium/high. Charged full for 6-8 hours before DC connection.Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMCis appropriate for seminar room, hall room or galley types place.

Price and showroom- Walton Rechargeable Fan W17RWF-RMCis is available at any Walton home appliance show room all over in the country. Price of this model is 3,950 taka.



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