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Walton Fan WCF5604WR price and review
Published: 2021-05-26 Views: 412

Walton Fan WCF5604WR price and review

During this limitless summer selling fan is one and only easy solution for all class of people. This type of fan is comfortably useful for home or office. AC is not the easy solution for all environments. But, selling fan is provides services from begging to end of the summer. This appliance is runs for longer in day and night time and also for long days. So, we should buy better quality and durable selling fan.

Structure and color-Walton Fan WCF5604WRis a standard size fan. Its size is 140 mm.Walton Fan WCF5604WRhas five colors available in market.Indigo, pink, off white, white and silver.

Electric features-Rotation capacity of Walton Fan WCF5604WRis 310 rpm.It’s rated voltage 220 volt and frequency 50 Hz.Walton Fan WCF5604WRconsumes 70 watt. Power factor is .97.

Specialty-Body parts and rotor casting of Walton Fan WCF5604WRis state of art high pressure cold chamber die casting machine is being used for body parts and rotor casting.Cutting edge progressive technology is used for motor lamination. Inline varnish process to ensure superior quality of Walton Fan WCF5604WR.Full body parts of Walton Fan WCF5604WR is made by super enameled copper, so that it is 99.9% pure copper. Strong airflow covers full room’s cavity by aero dynamically designed blades for high velocity air. Best quality coating powder is used for better finishing. No inflammable material is used in Walton Fan WCF5604WR.Precision sealed bearing for long lasting. This fan gives high service in lowest power consumption.

Price and Showroom- Walton Fan WCF5604WR is available at your nearest Walton home appliance show-room. Price of Walton Fan WCF5604WR is 3,330.00 taka.

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