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Walton Electric kettle WK-FYCK12 price and reviews
Published: 2020-09-14 Views: 335

Walton Electric kettle WK-FYCK12 price and reviews

Electric kettle is nowadays very useful and regular necessary home appliance at home. Anytime need of tea, coffee or hot water can be fulfilling by electric kettle. Walton Electric Kettle WK-FYCK12 is brought to you by Walton the fusion of aristocratic and necessity.   
Outlook- A white ceramic body electric kettle on silver base plate is main structure. It looks aristocratic ceramic kettle, at a glance not seems like electric kettle. Lid is also white and made by ceramics. Blue color flower printed on body like aristocrat chinies flower vase. Attractive character is that flower colors will be changed when water temperature getting change. Cord is connected with base plate. An LED light attached with kettle that ignite and ensure proper electric connection.     

Activities- When water boiled completely then it turns of automatically. Overheat protection system control heat spreading on handle. This model has fast boiling ability. To complete action set up kettle properly on base plate.  

Electric activity- Walton Electric Kettle WK-FYCK12 can be active with 220 to 240 volt. This model consumes 1850 to 2200 watt electric power.

A charm hearted person will love to décor his table or kitchen by this Walton Electric Kettle WK-FYCK12. It can be a nice presentation items for your kith and kin. This model is available in Walton show-room. Price of this model is 2100.00 Taka.  

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