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Walton 200 % cash voucher offer
2020-02-16 Views: 342

Walton 200 % cash voucher offer

Before summer Walton brought to you a special offer. You can win 200% free cash voucher after purchase refrigerator. Walton groups are become able to earn the faith of people by their product and service. They have almost 75% market share all over the Bangladesh. They also have 17000 retail outlets. Walton product is very available to you all over the country. You can buy your preferable model from any nearest Walton show room to you and can win this offer. The offer details are given below-
After purchase Walton refrigerator you have to registration by SMS.
  • This offer fully managed by computerized system.
  • Authority anytime can change this campaign.
  • For refrigerator parches 1 mobile number can registered only for 3 times. Not more than.
  • Some pros about Walton refrigerator-
Titanium enriched hybrid polymer- This cover will protect your fizzer from unwanted spot or rust. 
Pathalate free gasket- keep your food fresh and germs free in refrigerator.
Ecozen- this technology keeps your food fresh and ready to cook or eat in necessary frozen temperature without frost.
Nano-health care- Keeps your food safe from rotten and odor.
Inverter Technology- consumes less electricity gives high performance. During loads heading keeps food good with real aroma for long time.
12 years compressor guaranty.
Real temper glass door- different designs tempered glass door protect your refrigerator from hazards of temperature and weather effect. Also increase your internal beauty of your home.  
Walton got fame as “domestic product” in Bangladesh. Because of their good service and product value customer demand of Walton increasing day by day. Walton established their show-room each and every big city and town. Walton products are also available in any renowned home appliance show-room. You can buy Walton refrigerator from any Walton-show room and Walton approved home appliance show room. Online shopping is also acceptable. eplaza.waltonbd.com for online purchase. For any information or help please call-16267 or log in - waltonbd.com.
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