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Vision Room Heater Deluxe Price and Reviews
2020-10-25 Views: 154

Vision Room Heater Deluxe Price and Reviews

Winter touch is already reached to weather. Outside environment getting change by fog end cool breeze after evening.To keeps warm room temperature need room heater. Room heater not only keeps warm room but also keeps safe from winter explosiongerm. You can buy reasonable price room heater from vision to protect your family from winter sickness. Vision Room Heater Deluxe is a model of room heater.
Features-Heating element of Room Heater Deluxeis made by ceramics.Its thermostat is adjustable. You can change temperature according your need. Cool/warm/hot wind these three types of functionsare exists in this heater. Control temperature and speed by using controlling knob.There is over heat protection to save your hand fromheat effect.
Electric features-220-240 volt/50 Hz power connection is enough to activeRoom Heater Deluxe.Its minimum efficiency is 750 watt and height is 1500 watt. After connecting with power it will gives signal bu indicator light.
Structure-Room Heater Deluxemodel is square in shape. Black and red in color this model. In middle portion of this model is black color and sides are red. Over the top surface has Two controlling knob and an indicator light. This shape of light is easy to keep besides bed or under the bed, under the table or any easy corner of your room.
Price and showroom : Room Heater Deluxeis easy to use. If infant and old family member are belongs to family than take special care of them in winter. Use room heater to keeps their room warm and comfortable.Keep yourself and your family safe from cold flu and corona virus.Room Heater Deluxeis available at your nearest Vision home appliance show-room or order from online. Price of this model is 2200.00 Taka.
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