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Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 Price and Review
Published: 2021-02-08 Views: 380

Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 Price and Review

Micro wave oven is not just luxury but also need in this time. Cooking, baking, grill or defrost is easier for using oven, save your time and less your work. An effective oven is very important to make cake, pizza, bread or cookies at home for loving family persons. For our home electronics brand oven become more affordable for us.
Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 is a micro wave oven model of Vision brand. This oven is combination of black and white color. Control panel and glass door is black in color. Handle is silver colors. This model is quiet lucrative because of white color.
Characteristics of Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20- 5 automatic power level is included. Solo, defrost, multi stage cooking function is also in featured. Child safety lock is included for your child safety during operation on your absence. High performance magnetron, two layer inner cavity and three layer glass doors are exist. These arrangements are ensure quality full wave and first cooking operating system. For defrost food set timer with mention weight. For extent times according necessary just press start button 30 sec will be add for every press. A cooking ending signal will be given after finished cook.
Mechanical features- 220A high quality transformer has been used in mechanical part of Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 for high insulation and protection. High performance magnetron used for effective temperature. Diamond pattern inner cavity designed for smooth heat circulation each and every corner equally. Turntable table diameter is 270 mm. control panel of Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 is right side of the handle and it is a digital display. Control it by press silicon button.   
Electric features- Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 need 1250 watt to be active and it consume 700 watt for operation.
Price and show-room- Vision Micro Wave Oven VSM WS-20 is available to your nearest Vision show room and price is 8200.00 Taka.

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