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Up to 49% discount on Singer products in the 49 years of victory
2020-12-22 Views: 50

Up to 49% discount on Singer products in the 49 years of victory

Singer offers up to 49% off products with a great combination of customer choice, need and affordability. Singer is offering this on their home appliance to mark the 49th anniversary of the victory.

Singer is a unique name in the world of home appliances in Bangladesh. Singer has been providing home appliances with a lot of confidence and reputation for a long time. Singer has been providing quality products to the customers keeping in line with the demands and tastes over time. At the same time, they offer a certain amount of discounts to the customers at different times. So on the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the victory, up to 49% discount! Offer details

- 49% discount: Up to 49% discount on various home appliances in 49 years of victory.

- Free Delivery Facility: There is also a free home delivery facility for online orders.

- Online Booking: Singers offer is only applicable for online shopping.

- Deadline: The offer will be valid for a limited time subject to online shopping.

So visit to order online today before the offer ends- https://singerbd.com/

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