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SINGER Refrigerator and Frizzier News
2020-06-30 Views: 633

SINGER Refrigerator and Frizzier News

World famous brand SINGER again brought to you a discount offer! This discount is eligible for a selected refrigerator and a frizzier model. SINGER is felicitated to their entire customer for their quality and service. Details of these models are given below-   
Refrigerator model- SINGER BCD-178R-RG. Specialty of these-  

Capacity- Total capacity of this model is 178 litters and divided between two compartment that is refrigerator and frizzier. Full body is bright red color and stylish flower printed.

100% copper pipe- copper pipe is used as a path for the refrigerant to flow between system components and to contain it from escaping to the atmosphere. So that, in refrigerators copper pipe is more effective than any other materials tube.  

Anti-bacterial gasket door- That save the door from bacteria and protect the entire of jarm into refrigerator. Keeps food safe.  

Odor free- This model has odor filter that trammel the odor. Keeps food fresh for long time.

R600a gas- R600a is a natural refrigerant that is suitable for a wide range of applications in refrigerant. It is a very good replacement of harmful refrigerants such as R12,R13a,R22 etc.

Energy saving- Energy saving technology is used in this model, so that consum less electricity.

Eco friendly- Any type of harmful element have no exists is this refrigerator. So, it has no side effect on nature.

Regular price of this model is 29,390.00 Taka but in discount you will get it at 25,490.00 Taka.

  • Frizzier model- SINGER-GT-165-DL-WH features of this model-
  • Its total capacity is 148 litters.
  • Has anti-bacterial gasket door that reduce any fungal attack.
  • Quick freezing system keeps food fresh for long time.
  • Has interior light.

Regular price of this model is 26,285.00 Taka but in discount you will get it at 24,182.00 Taka.

To enjoy this offer contact with your nearest SINGER show room or log in- SINGERBD.COM for online order.

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