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Singer Hot Offer
2020-09-23 Views: 176

Singer Hot Offer

In the sequence of AC discount offer now add one of the world famous brand SINGER. In this offer you’ll get 1 Ton, 1.5 Ton and 2 Ton AC at unbelievable discount rate. This offer will be continue till 23 September. In this offer has-

  • Lowest price of 1 Ton AC 31,990 Taka.
  • Lowest price of 1.5 Ton AC 45,990 Taka.
  • Lowest price of 2 Ton AC 55,990 Taka.
  • Free home delivery
  • Free installation service.
  • Discount will be deducted from AC price that can reach up to 30,000 Taka.

For your better knowledge price list are given below-


Regular Price

Discount price


56,990 Taka

47,990 Taka


76,990 Taka

65,990 Taka


48,990 Taka

39,990 Taka


41,190 Taka

31,990 Taka


65,900 Taka

54,990 Taka


57,690 Taka

45,990 Taka


56,690 Taka

45,990 Taka

This offer will be valid till September 23. To get this offer contact with your nearest SINGER mega, SINGER plus or SINGER pro show room. This offer is also available at online parches. For online parches visit- https://singerbd.com/air-conditioner.html

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