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SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT price and review
Published: 2021-03-24 Views: 105

SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT price and review

SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a premium quality AC model. This black and gray color is a model of modern technology and features.

Structure- SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a black and gray mixed color. SINGER name is written in golden colors on elite platform. Features and colors caught every ones attention. Features are briefly described for acknowledgement.

Features of SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT- SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is a modern type of AC. It can operate in five modes. Also have sleep mode and auto restart mode. Twin rotator and compressor ensure first and strong cooling effect. SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT also enrich with independent dehumidification, comfortable cooling, humidity and Wi-Fi control technology, to provide best ever service to user.  

Independent humidification- It absorbed moist to keep fresh and energetic your room. For varies of weather sometimes it is damped or sometimes rough at the same temperature. This independent humidification keeps your room normal and cool at any type of climate.

Comfort cooling- comfort cooling system keeps cool at office and home. In this system creates a comfortable environment. That will comfortable for all human. SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT  has this comfort cooling technology.  

Double swing mode- Your desirable temperature will be always keeps as same as you want into the variation of temperature. This double swing mode will provide you this type of automatic comfortable condition like your comfort. It will turn on/off automatically.

Wi-Fi control technology- You can control your AC from outside of your room.  Turn on/off or temperature control everything will be controlled by wi-fi technology.  You can control your AC by using smart phone.

Gold fin technology- This technology helps to protect the condenser coils from external damage due to the accumulation of water, acids and other salts from the atmosphere.

Another features- Some special features which made SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT more effective are- Auto-protection, intelligent defrost, simplified PCB and PCB box, dual direction drainage design, no connection between condenser water and electricity. Intelligent defrost system helps to clean itself automatically. R410a heating refrigerant gas has been used in this model.

Electric features- Capacity of SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT  is 2 ton. Its efficiency is 24000 BTU for 2190 watt power. Its EER or energy efficiency ratio is 3.05 watt. Company will provide 5 years compressor warranty, 3 years service and parts warranty.  

Price and show-room- SINGER Air Conditioner SRAC-SAS24L95BGWT is available to your nearest SINGER show room. Price of this modern featured 2 ton AC is 92,990.00 Taka.  

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