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Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHV price and review
Published: 2021-04-21 Views: 99

Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHV price and review

Sharp is a well-known home appliance brand all over world through the Bangladesh. They have several types of appliance in market.  For better service Sharp brand belongs in the top of the list. For summer Sharp brought different models of AC in market. Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHVis one of them.

Structure-Color of Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHV is white. Its capacity is 1 ton. Outdoor dimension (length*width*height)-730*540*250 mm. Indoor dimension is (length*width*height)- (540*730*250) mm.

Efficiency- Efficiency of Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHV is 1.5 HP, 13000 BTU. It cooling capacity is 100-120 square feet that mean, at a time this AC can cover this area with cool breeze. To  flow this air Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHVneed to spare 1440 watt electric power. You can change temperature according your demand. The lowest power consumption of this model is 320 watt and heights power consumption is 1900 watt electric power.

General features-Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHVhave auto restart option. Its minimum temperature setting is 0.5°C. Net weight of indoor part is 9 kg and outdoor part is 25 kg. R410A refrigerant gas has been used here. Voltage range is 198 to 264 watt. Sharp Inverter Air Conditioner AH-XP13SHV operated by remote control. Features and functions are arranged to make comfortable the user to enjoy their relaxation. Lock on sensor coupled with jet cool technology ensures you neat service. The heavy duty compressor of Sharp Inverter Air Conditioner AH-XP13SHVwill make sure that you use the AC without any worry for years. For this type of service they are renowned all over the world.

Energy Saving Inverter-When Sharp Inverter Air ConditionerAH-XP13SHVis reached its room temperature automatically, then energy saving mode will be active rapidly. High power DC motors for the compressor and outdoor fan to reduce energy consumption and increase performance efficiency.

Plasmacluster-Unique plasmacluster technology keeps air fresh from airborne germ and virus. Reduce odor and keeps air clean and light the internal environment.

Energy saving design-Comfortable-eco series is designed to raise energy efficiency and greatly reduce power consumption compared to conventional air conditioners that limits your electric bill.

Price and show-room-Sharp InverterAir ConditionerAH-XP13SHVis available to your nearest Sharp home appliance show-room. Price of this AC is 62,000.00 Taka.

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