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Samsung Spring Time Super sales Offer
2021-02-13 Views: 66

Samsung Spring Time Super sales Offer

At TRANSCOM DIGITAL, there is a discount of up to Taka 12,000 for the original Samsung fridge in this spring. Fridge is an important appliance in the home. The fridge protects such homeowners from the hassle of daily shopping. Such housewives shorten the scope of many kinds of work. It is also possible to prevent food spoilage by storing extra food. Thats why Transcom Digital is now offering a discount of up to Taka 12,000 on the world-famous original Samsung fridge. The advantages of Samsung Spring Festival Super Sales offer are-

  • Discount up to Taka 12,000 on Samsung fridge.
  • Free home delivery facility.
  • Samsung TV also has all the interesting free gifts.

So hurry up to Transcom Digital showroom or visit to buy the original Samsung fridge this spring offer: https://transcomdigital.com/refrigerators-price-in...


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