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Rangs Microwave Oven RMC-1BOK Price and Reviews
2015-10-25 Views: 1603

Rangs Microwave Oven RMC-1BOK Price and Reviews

Rangs Microwave OvenHow wonder it is? We are getting all the required things only by pressing a button. These magical things have made possible because of the blessing of modern technology. We have refrigerator to store food for long time as well as have microwave oven to cook frost food automatically. One of the leading business sectors of the world is appliance sector. We are used to using appliances in our daily life. Microwave oven is considered one of the common kitchen appliances. With the help of this appliance we can cook our food only by pressing a button. There are several types of appliances manufacturing brand have latest technology base microwave oven. Rangs is one of the renounce brands in the appliances market. They have several types of home and kitchen appliance and they have been caring reputation of manufacturing modern technology base user friendly microwave oven. RMC-1B0K is a new model microwave oven of Rangs. Details description of this model is given below. Nowadays people are very much concern about the design of the appliance because our appliances are very much associated with the outlook of our home and kitchen. So we always look for those types of appliances that not only serve us but also increase the beauty of our place. In the case of Rangs RMC-1B0K total dimension (W X D X H ) is (560 X 542 X 342) and dimension of the cavity ( W X D X H) is (368 X 376 X 246). Regarding the measure of the model it is a big size oven and total capacity of this model is 34 liters and net weight of this model is 21kg. For easy operating functional key has been given in the left side of the cavity. Total body color is silver which has given an extraordinary outlook to this model. In final, in the case of outlook and design you may satisfy. In the case of cooking features you can use this model as a grill making appliance as wellas conviction appliance. for grill making a strong bar is given inside the cavity so you can use this bar comfortably to make grill and also has turn table inside the cavity therefore food will be get proper heat in all part. Timer machine is also available as a result according to the dish you could easily set the cooking time and time will show in the digital display. So you do not need to worry about the cooking. Microwave oven is known for power consumption appliance. Here Rangs RMC-1BOK can be easily run with the normal voltage of 220 to 230 but in the case of watts it will vary. According to the dish it will increase or decrease. To make grill needs 1600 watts as well as consume 2300 watts for conviction cooking. Price of Rangs RMC-1BOK is TK 18450. According to the features i can say that it is a nice appliance to have in the kitchen.
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