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Rangs Microwave Oven RMC- 6QCK Price and Reviews
2015-10-16 Views: 1406

Rangs Microwave Oven RMC- 6QCK Price and Reviews

Rangs Microwave OvenWhat you are imaging today it might be in your hand tomorrow. Modern technology has made this possible. Now we have unlimited appliance that have made our life more convenience, pleasant and most importantly safe then previous time. The entire national, multinational and international brand is now in competition of manufacturing latest technology base user friendly appliances. Rangs is one of the front line competitors of this competition. They are always trying to introduce new technology in their product. Rangs RMC - 6QCK is a model of Microwave oven. This model has been providing user friendly features as well as selling at reasonable price. Now we not only remain happy by getting the service from the appliance but also looking for having good looking appliance. Rangs RMC - 6QCK is a box shape white color model. Total body is made of food grad materials. So it is a safe appliance. Beside that features door is made by durable glass. Dimension of this model (W X D X H) is (446x270x324) mm and total weight of this model is only 10 kg. According to the size of this model it is sure that Rangs RMC - 6QCK is a light weight convenience features base microwave oven. If you want you could easily move this model one place to another without putting any extra effort. Control penal or functional features are an important matter in terms of any appliance. Rangs has been providing user friendly features to their appliances. Along with other necessary features timer is also given. This feature allows you to set right time for cooking according to the dish. Most important features are oven will be want to the shout down mood after reaching the mentioning time in the timer. Nowadays appliances are considered as a smart appliance. Main reason of behind that is modern appliance is capable enough to do multiple works. Rangs RMC - 6QCK is a 4 in 1 base appliance. Usually microwave oven is known as a costly appliance because of the power consumption. This model runs with the normal voltage of 220-240V AC, 50Hz. Watt does vary with the change of the cooking. Total power system is divided into 10 stages. According to the requirement you can set the power of cooking. Above all the features important matter of concern is price of the product. In the case of this model price is TK 9500 (collected at 15/10/2015). Sometimes we have seen that model is not remaining available in the showrooms.but in the case of this model you could easily get this from your nearest home and kitchen appliances showrooms because all the showrooms wants to have quality product in their showroom. Above all it is totally depending on you that you want to have this appliance in your room or not. According to me it is a nice user friendly as well as good looking model within reasonable price. Be happy and enjoy the blessing of modern science and technology.
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