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Rangs Mega offer
2020-08-16 Views: 158

Rangs Mega offer

Are you finding path to get rid from horrible of hot weather? Do you ever thing about portable AC? It’s not so high in price; you can buy a portable AC or air cooler at your pocket budget. To make this easy solution more easy Rangs electronics brought to you a special offer. You can buy a branded air cooler in a discount price. Select model according your room map and enjoy summer by using storage ice or cold water of refrigerator. These models are saves 60% electricity. Offer in details- 

  • Attractive price discount.
  • Free home delivery.
  • 1 year guaranty.
  • 0% EMI facility.

Models and price-


Discount price

Regular price


9,900 Taka

14,900 Taka


10,900 Taka

14,900 Taka


13,900 Taka

16,900 Taka

Cyclone 12(KCCCSF1W-FCA)

14,900 Taka

17,900 Taka


15,900 Taka

18,900 Taka

This offer is for limited time. Place your order before stock over. To know more or place order visit Sony-rangs online store- http://shop.rangs.com.bd/products.aspx?cat_id=23

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