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Price and review of Walton Automatic Top Loaded Washing Machine TTP60
Published: 2020-09-24 Views: 417

Price and review of Walton Automatic Top Loaded Washing Machine TTP60

Washing clothes is one of the difficult tasks in household chores. We need to aside a long time to wash dirty clothes. Light, heavy, bed sheet, winter jacket etc. are different types of cloths need different times to wash. For a human it is quiet impossible to wash up clothes regularly. This task is as important that if you are not washing your outfit regularly that can badly affect your personality. A washing machine can be a good solution for a regular for regular working person. Walton Automatic Top Loaded Washing Machine- TTP60 is a model of Walton washing machine.

Structure: Lid is black in color and body is light ash color. This top load models lid is transparent black. Control panel top on machine. For your comfort and necessary there is several programs. Diamond shape tub are inside the Walton Automatic Top Loaded Washing Machine- TTP60.

Efficiency: Walton Automatic Top Loaded Washing Machine- TTP60 can wash out 6 kg clothes at a time. To wash clothes consume 360 watt and for spinning consume 300 watt. Different functions are included for several types of clothes. Almost 10 functions are given in this model. Functions are- Fuzzy, Delay, key dehydration, Soak, Soft Wash, quick wash, Delicate, clean tub, child lock etc.  

Facilities: Water level can be selected till 8. For safety has magic filter and rat proof net. That protects fabric fiber and rat or insects from insert into the machine. When you are busy with another work during washed. Then active child lock to safe from kid activities. For safety have some safety option, that keeps away unwanted occurrence. Example- Anti-explotion capacitance, PCB waterproof, automatic power off. These options keeps safe as possible from explotion, electric shock etc.

Price and showroom: Walton Automatic Top Loaded Washing Machine- TTP60 is available at your nearest Walton show-room or any big home appliance show room of your city. Price of this model is- 16500.00 Taka.

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