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Price and Review of Vision Refrigerator RE-180L
Published: 2020-11-25 Views: 372

Price and Review of Vision Refrigerator RE-180L

In winter or summer use of refrigerator is always quiet equal. Refrigerator is one kind of important family member in a family. At the buying time of refrigerator you have to consider- 1. Weather suitable, 2.Modern technology, 3.Developed compressor and 4.Green technology or is it eco friendly? Our domestic brand Vision provides this all type of features in their refrigerators. Vision Refrigerator RE-180L is a model of vision brand in reasonable price.

Structure- Dimension of Vision Refrigerator RE-180L is (W*D*H)-(572*662*1355). It is a glass door model. This model is divided between two compartments. Upper part is refrigerator and lower part is frizzier. Beautiful decorative flower printed on tempered glass. This glass door keeps rust free and spotless. Net capacity of this model is 180 litters.   

Technology- Beauty or decoration is nothing for refrigerator without better service. LG compressor is used in Vision Refrigerator RE-180L. 10 years compressor warranty is provided by brand. Italian canon technology is used in this model for better service. Refrigerator climate type is N/ST. Perfectly usable for all weather.  
Special features- Let’s have a look to the features that makes Vision Refrigerator RE-180L different from another refrigerator. High cooling agent that keeps cool in low voltage. This model is 60% energy saving model. Its compressor makes very low noise, so that not be the reason for irritate. Every material is 100% food grade that keeps your food fresh and safe. Refrigerant gas of Vision Refrigerator RE-180L is R600a which is HEC free. C pantene foaming agent is FCKW free. This eco friendly refrigerator will keeps your environment fresh and pollution free.    

General Features- 100% copper condenser is used in this Vision Refrigerator RE-180L. Adjustable thermostat is used in this refrigerator. You can change temperature according your need high or low by regulating knob. Interior is spacious and light exist. Lock and key has for your need. Vision Refrigerator RE-180L has three layer gaskets to keep free from bacteria.

Electric Features- To be active Vision Refrigerator RE-180L need 80 to 85 watt, 160 to 260 volt. Home supply 220 v and 50 Hz is enough for this model.

Price and show-room- Vision Refrigerator RE-180L is available to your nearest Vision emporium or Vision permitted home appliance show-room. You can buy from online shop. Price of Vision Refrigerator RE-180L is 24,800 Taka.

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