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MyOne Refrigerator My-13 price and reviews
Published: 2017-07-19 Views: 4900

MyOne Refrigerator My-13 price and reviews

MyOne Refrigerator My-13 Among the domestic appliances brand MyOne is a rising one. They have been manufacturing latest technology base outstanding looking model of refrigerator within affordable price. In this summer they have lunched MyOne Refrigerator My-13 model of tower shape red color direct cool refrigerator. Total storage capacity of this model is 222 liters. This is a mid size model of refrigerator with sophisticated design. Let’s have a look some of the key features of this model.

-          Red color glossy looking refrigerator model with sophisticated design. This model would be easily set at your place.
-          Eco friendly CFC and HCFC gas free R600a cooling refrigerant not only keep the food safe for longer time but also taking care of the environment too.
-          Built in condenser work properly and making sure about the cooling.
-          Fast freezing ability keep the food sfaer for longer time.
-          Available model of refrigerator within affordable price. You will easily have this one at your nearest appliances showrooms.

Cons,-          Body materiels is not strong enough to last long as well as interior design could have been better.

Design and dimension
MyOne Refrigerator My-13 is a red color tower shape model of direct cool refrigerator. This red color ordinary model of refrigerator has nicely decoreted compartments to store the food safely with real aroma and test. Stainless steel made body structure has glossy outlooking body. Gasket made door basket has good enough space to keep the dry food and beverage safely. According to the total dimension you could esily set this model at your kitche of dinning space without any trouble.
Storage capacity and cooling features
Total storage capacity of MyOne Refrigerator My-13 is 222  liters. This modern technology base refrigerator model has been decorated with multipul layers and modern features. It’s antibacterial & deodoriztion technology not only making sure about the good helth of the food but aslo keep the compartments environment pleasant perfect to keep the food safe. This moderndays refrigerator is Eco friendly too. Cooling cylce is made of CFC and HCF gas free cooling gas. R600a is not only keeping the food safe but aslo maintain the electricity bill within the limit. So you remin tension free at the end of the month regarding electricity bill.
Electrical features
Daily home appliance with normal electrical features. You would easily run this attrective red color MyOne Refrigerator My-13 is 222  model of refrigerator with normal voltage of 220v to 230v and it only consume 600 watts. So may remain tension free regarding electricity bill.
Price and availablity
MyOne is a rising appliances domestic brand and they have several show rooms all over the country. Therefore you would easily have this model within your budget. Price of MyOne Refrigerator My-13 is TK 23665 ( collected at 18-7-2017).
If your are looking for an refrigetor within affordable price which is decoreted by simple operating features than MyOne Refrigerator My-13 is the right one.

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