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Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950
Published: 2018-01-27 Views: 2855

Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950

Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950 Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950 is room air cooler with smart features. This modern technology base model of air cooler is decorated with futuristic features that can be easily operated by any level user. This is a tower shape ordinary model at with strong base and wheels are given to move this smart model from one place another easily. Along with durable plastic net at the front honeycomb cooling pad is also given all around the structure.
This modern featuring model of air cooler is capable of keeping your room temperature at durable level as well as look after the room decoration too. Let’s have a look some of the basic features of this model at a glance.
-          This durable plastic made model of air cooler with easily operated by the user will be increase the beauty of your place.
-          Honeycomb cooling pad is given at the cooling media to make the air flow more smooth and cool.
-          Two knob regulators are given to manipulate the operation according to the requirement.
-          Wheels are given at the bottom to move one place to another in the time of requirement.
-          This is an available model within affordable price.
-          Water storage capacity could have been better as room air cooler.

Design and dimension
Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950 is tower shape model of air cooler with white and gray color combined. This model not only increases the beauty of your place but also taking care about the room temperature. Top of the structure is decorated with control panel and in front of the structure has air flowing space as well as honeycomb cooling pad area at the side of the structure. At the bes water storage tank is given with maximum capacity of 8 liter and water level indicator to know the available water at the tank. To move the air cooler from one place to another place by wheels.
Available features of this model are given below.
Full Function Remote: With the help of remote control you can operate the function from the any part of the room. You can also change the features manually from digital display control panel which is given at the top of the structure.
Motor (RMP) 1400: It is a strong motor to supply the cool air at the room as well as operate the total mechanism of the cooler.
ICE chamber: You can give ice cube at the ice chamber for getting more cooling in the time of excess hot and humid weather.
Water level indicator: it is important to know about the available water in the tank. With the help of indicator you will get an idea about the available water at the tank.
Empty tank alarm: alarm will automatically ring if there is no sufficient water at the tank. So you can refill the tank at the correct time.
Price and availability
This is an available model with affordable price. Price of Miyako Room Air Cooler KFC 950 is TK 11000 (collected at 27/01/2018).

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