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Minister Refrigerator at affordable price
Published: 2017-08-16 Views: 6237

Minister Refrigerator at affordable price

Minister one of the promising appliances brands of Bangladesh. Along with taking care of the quality they have been also making sure about the affordable price too. Recently they have introduced modern manufacturing technology at their production house as a result production unit has increased remarkably. Therefore, Minister is now at affordable price.   
During this Eid, you can win an attractive price by only scratching a card. In the form of several daily appliances.
Let’s have look some of the futuristic features of this model at a glance.

Attractive outlook: in terms of outlook minister is one of the attractive out looking refrigerator made of glass door.  This modern featuring door not only increases the beauty of home but also making sure about holding the cool within the compartment.
R600a refrigerant: Types of refrigerant is matter of fact in terms of condenser performance as well as coolness and eco. Minister has been using modern R600a refrigerant. This refrigerant is not only making sure about the proper coolness of the compartment but also keep the electricity bill within the limit at the end of the months.  
Germane PMDI and Polyol made: this is food grade level maintaining model of refrigerator. So you can remain t6ension free in terms of food safety.
66% power efficient: This is a power efficient model of refrigerator with elegant features. Its ultramodern condenser and refrigerant hold the cool for longer time. Therefore, condenser remains off for longer time and save power energy. Therefore at the end of the month electricity bill remain with the limit.
Huge space at deep: both the compartment has been decorated nicely. Therefore you would get good enough space to store the food at refrigerator and deep freezer section at a time.
12 years guaranty: Minister has been providing 12 years guaranty to their condenser. So you do not need to be worried about the safety of your refrigerator.
1 year replacement guaranty: this is a huge offer to the customer of minister refrigerator. You would get new refrigerator if any problems have been seen within one year. You just need to keep the guaranty paper safely.
Payment system: Minister has been providing installment facilities. You can have your product by giving small down payment and rest of the payment can be paid by several installments.

To get more information about the product and available facilities, you can contact over phone. Phone number is 01971 700 700. Moreover, to get proper information about the product you can long in to their Facebook page minister hi-tech park as well as website www.minister.bd.com.  
Price and availability
Because of increasing production capacity minister has reduced their price remarkably. Moreover, you would easily get the refrigerator of minister at your nearest showrooms. They have several outlets all over the country as well as dealers.
To get all the facilities you need to follow the given condition by the companies.

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