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Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2L price and review
Published: 2021-03-25 Views: 138

Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2L price and review

Boiling water is essential for everyday cooking and various daily activities. Use of electric kettle is quiet popular for rapid water boiling. You can easily boil water without huge preparation at your office or home. Just plug into a safe electric supply line.
Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2Lis a product of our home appliance brand Minister.For attractive design and color this model is attractive for anyone.
Outlook- This model is red wine color and structure is antique type. Easily open lid is loop type design. A plastic base plate and signal light indicator is included with kettle. Handle is made by strong plastic and pour pipe is made by steel. This antique type modern type model will attracted anyone attention.
Features- capacity of Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2Lis 1.2 litters. It is a double layer durable type kettle. Inner main kettle and outer body both are made by stainless steel. Middle part is a thick plastic layer. So that, your hand will be save from hot touch from boiling water. Stainless is rust free and germ protector.That keeps yourkettle hygiene. Loop type lid is easily opened able and keeps lock from inside.So water will not be leakage from inside of kettle. This kettle is easily cleanable from inside. Boiling action is very fast.After boil automatically turn off this kettle. Power consume will be less. Power indicator light gives signal of activeness.
Price and show-room-Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2Lis available at your nearest home appliance show room, crockeries shop or minister show-room. price of Minister KettleMI-EKY15 1.2Lis 1590.00 taka.  

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